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  • Re: What does Your Desk Look Like?

    Dear Cliff, I like the image of your desktop across two monitors. How is that set up? Does "layouts" save the layout across multiple monitors as I've seen some posts on forums saying only the main screen layout was retained, but that was a while ago and probably with an earlier version of Logos. Best Wishes, Malcolm
    Posted to Logos 8 by Madagoo on Thu, Apr 23 2020
  • Re: Church Bulletins - We need your feedback!

    It would be good to be able to linke digital bulletins" into the handout feature of Logos so that printed versions can be produces quickly
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Madagoo on Sun, May 28 2017
  • Re: Proclaim for HomeGroup presentations

    Hi Graham, many ta thanks for your speedy reply. I have a windows 8.1 PC and an XBox and YouView PVR that are networked. Apple TV wouldn't be unthinkable. Just wondered if anyone at Faithlife had thought about this use. i will check out the link you sent. yours in His Name, Love and Service, Malcolm
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Madagoo on Mon, Apr 6 2015
  • Proclaim for HomeGroup presentations

    hi Guys, Is it possible to link Proclaim upto a TV in a lounge that is networked or is Wifi enabled/SMART so that a presentation from Proclaim can be issued to home group leaders for them to use in their home groups? How would one do this? Yours in His Name Love and Service, Malcolm Goodwin
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Madagoo on Mon, Apr 6 2015
  • Re: Windows Phone 8 App

    Personally, I think Logos is now without excuse. This subject is now over 1year old Which in anyone's consideration is poor customer support not characteristic of them, but now damaging their good reputation. if anyone from the Logos team is reading this, you should escalate this to you VP or board of directors.
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Madagoo on Tue, Apr 1 2014
  • Re: How to Create Your Own Cross-References

    Dear All, I would very much like to see a direct cross link module where one can right-click a verse/word/phrase and be able to cross reference to another verse. i envisage that I could add a text note, so notes may be the way to go i.e. add a cross reference pane to notes and allow hyperlink from verse to verse and/or note to note. I would like to
    Posted to Logos 4 by Madagoo on Sat, Sep 18 2010
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