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  • Re: Is this Denomination Represented in a Logos Base Package?

    The Pentecostal/ Charismatic package is probably the "wonkiest' of all targeted base packages as far as doctrinal beliefs go. My own "denomination" fits in that category, but I can tell you that there is much in those packages that we would not necessarily endorse. I understand what Logos is doing, but I would be hesitant to use that package as a way
    Posted to General by RMC on Fri, Apr 24 2020
  • Re: Price Issues with MM Collections

    Here are a few screenshots - straight from what shows on the "new to me" dropdown, with everything expanded. Now, Granted, I see that if I select "all resources", there are a few extra that are not shown here in New To Me that would actually be new to me, that I didn't see when I first posted - these do make a significant difference, because they are
    Posted to General by RMC on Mon, Mar 4 2019
  • Re: Price Issues with MM Collections

    I've noticed the same thing as Daniel. It's cheaper, in some cases FAR cheaper, to purchase the titles individually than through the dynamically priced bundle. For example, the 21 new-to-me resources in the James collection would cost $440.79 to purchase on their own. The dynamic price at the top of the page is $569.72. The 23 new-to-me resources in
    Posted to General by RMC on Sun, Mar 3 2019
  • Suggested Resource search

    Is there any way to search whether a given resource is used as a Suggested reading for Mobile Ed courses? I know there is a note file for each course which gives the readings for that course, which is helpful when choosing courses. What I'm looking for is the other direction of search - looking up a resource and seeing if it is used in a course. For
    Posted to Logos Mobile Education by RMC on Mon, Jul 23 2018
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