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  • Re: Font change

    Logos on Desktop is awesome. The mob refresh was a step in the right direction but it‘s still behind other mobile Bible studying apps, not in power but in ease of use. The font issue is frustrating for these reasons. -This is a premium product with premium pricing. -The competitors have the feature. -It’s a readability issue. Some find it
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Justin Cardozo on Fri, Nov 2 2018
  • Multi-volume commentaries

    I noticed that on iOS devices the Pasaage Guide isn‘t linked to the main window. I’ve wanted to be able to have commentaries in the bottom pane passgae I’m on in a Bible in the top pane. To get around this, on the desktop I added my study Bibles to a favorites folder. I open this folder in my bottom pane and it works. But I’m
    Posted to Mobile Reader Apps by Justin Cardozo on Wed, Nov 15 2017
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