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  • Re: 30 days free trial

    Hello Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church It appears you recently purchased a proclaim subscription. A purchase will add time automatically giving you an effective renewal date of June 13th 2021 taking into account the time remaining on your free trial set up on April 14th 2021.
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by David Groh (Faithlife) on Fri, Apr 23 2021
  • Re: Old age brings its friends...

    Hello Mike. On Mac open the video in Quicktime, go to File > Export as, choose highest quality you want and then import to proclaim again this should add standard letterboxing to the vertical format video. On PC you can use Photo and Video Editor to open the video and then save a copy. Once reimported to proclaim it should remove the still frame
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by David Groh (Faithlife) on Wed, Dec 23 2020
  • Re: How do we use our URL

    Hello everyone. As stated above, you control the information that is shown on your profile and you also choose who can interact with your account. Ideally the information that you add to your account would be shared with other people that are in Faithlife groups that you are in. At a large scale this could be Author or content
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