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  • Re: Search Problem

    I was looking in the OT search also. Below is what I found this morning when I scrolled to the bottom of the "Fuzzy Search" screen. The Paslm 105:17 and other verses were listed at the bottom. However, under the "Bible Search" screen, it listed the Genesis verses with footnote of 3 verses ( 2 in Genesis and 1 in Ob 18). How did you get the display which
    Posted to Logos 7 by Wesley Hamm on Sat, Mar 3 2018
  • Search Problem

    Yesterday, I search for "Joseph" restricting my search to the Old Testament. I was looking to see if the Psalm 105:17 reference to Joseph would show up. It didn't. I tried reporting it but I seem to be in some type of customer service loop. Does anyone else have problems with search failing to capture all possibility's?
    Posted to Logos 7 by Wesley Hamm on Fri, Mar 2 2018
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