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  • Library upgrades in Logos 8

    This is a gripe so please be patient with me. I have been part of the Logos/Faithlife family for 8 years, back when it was Libronix. I have slowly upgraded my product through the years longing to get to the Portfolio level and maybe even Collector's Edition. 1 year ago while still in Logos 7 I made that coveted leap to Portfolio paying $1,100 for that
    Posted to Logos 8 by Rev. Donald Quigley on Wed, Jun 12 2019
  • Re: Logos 8 Features

    I have been a loyal Logos & Faithlife customer since Libronix. I have invested over $8000 in my Logos Bible Software and I am an avid user of Proclaim. I tell you this because I am perturbed that since I upgraded to Logos 8 I am now being told that the level I already own and paid for (Portfolio) is an additional $1700 in Logos 8. This has never
    Posted to Logos 8 by Rev. Donald Quigley on Mon, Feb 4 2019
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