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  • Re: the Calendar Devotionals stopped working

    Hello! We've been experiencing this behavior on our end as well, and Rich's guess looks to be right on target for what is causing this. We have only been experiencing this with devotionals that do not have an entry for Leap Day, Feb 29th. Since they don't have an entry for today, the card on the Home Page that usually links to today's entry cannot appear
    Posted to General by Zavier Zarit on Sat, Feb 29 2020
  • Re: Glitch with Tagging Books in Ver. 8

    Hello Steve, thank you for reporting this! Our technicians have been able to replicate this behavior, and this is only occurring in the Mac version of our software. While we do not have an expected resolution date for this behavior, our crew is hard at work resolving this as soon as we are able to. We greatly appreciate your patience while we investigate
    Posted to Logos 8 by Zavier Zarit on Fri, Feb 8 2019
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