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  • Re: Desktop Monitor

    I have 2 on my desk, 25" side by side. Main is on the right and left for browser or another app. I also have a 15" laptop on a side desk for 3rd if needed. I find that having 2 side by side keep me from tabbing to active window or perhaps utilizing comparative Bible apps. Sometimes tabbing to active window is such a bother. RokRog
    Posted to General by Roger G Black on Fri, Sep 13 2019
  • Re: Sale not reflected in vyrso

    $2.99 for me too. Are you trying to get a paper copy?
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Roger G Black on Sat, Dec 16 2017
  • Re: Attn. Steven Runge - Better integration of your products needed

    I agree with you Matthew. I also have it and find it useful but then it also links to Proclaim which I do not at this time see the need to yet purchase another product line just to use the HD series. I am not an active minister in a local church and do not see the need to add proclaim and use the slide presentations. I just want it for my family and
    Posted to Suggestions by Roger G Black on Sun, Dec 3 2017
  • Re: Library Back button (or keyboard equivalent)

    Better yet. Why when using the logo for library I type for ex. Jonah in the text I get the black bar of death indefinitely searching for Books dealing with Jonah. Yes my library of 12000 plus books is indexed and I even did the update now, and reindex and waited forever to index my library new. After doing so I still got the black bar of death, or greyed
    Posted to General by Roger G Black on Mon, Nov 13 2017
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