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  • what I love about Logos 6

    I love the improvements across the board. Logos is faster and more user-friendly than ever before. I often shake my head when I remember sitting at an 8ft table with 6+ books spread out and open to Biblical references. The time that all took is handled in a flash today with Logos 6! Also, Logos 6 allows me to search far more resources than I ever possibly
    Posted to Logos 6 by Steve Wipperman on Tue, Mar 10 2015
  • Re: Sharing my library

    For many reasons I regret that I started this thread. The judgmental, fault-finding, self-righteousness of the past many comments crushes my spirit. If that were all to come of this discussion, I would be ashamed and embarrassed personally. Thankfully, something good appears to be surfacing - a way to legally and copyright respectfully share e-books
    Posted to General by Steve Wipperman on Thu, Mar 31 2011
  • Re: Sharing my library

    Thanks to all for the helpful replies. Just to clarify, I have no intention of anything dishonest. That's why I asked. Specifically I was wondering whether my son and I could share a few books that I have in my library if he owned his own copy of Logos and did not have the particular book he wanted to reference. Over the years, I have added many single
    Posted to General by Steve Wipperman on Thu, Mar 24 2011
  • Sharing my library

    My son is entering the Seminary and I wonder if there is some way for me to share my library with him? For example, if I purchased him a basic Logos account, would I be able to share my Logos books with him?
    Posted to General by Steve Wipperman on Wed, Mar 23 2011
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