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  • Re: Book Suggestion: Knox Bible

    Very excited about the Knox Bible and I'd also like to add my support for Divine Intimacy. It's great that someone has done the work to fit this amazing collection of meditations into the new calendar. Hopefully, if it comes to Verbum, there would be an option to choose the calendar- those of us that are involved the Extraordinary Form of the Mass still
    Posted to Catholic Products by Jeff on Fri, Jun 7 2019
  • How to set "preferred" resources on mobile?

    I have a question regarding preferred cross-referenced resources on the mobile app. I have purchased several volumes of the CUA Church Fathers collection. I also own the older Schaff Church Fathers collection. On the Verbum desktop app, these newer translations seem to default as my “preferred” versions of a resource, however, on the mobile
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Jeff on Mon, Apr 22 2019
  • Re: Augustine New 21st Century Transalation on PrePub !!!!!!

    Very interesting- thank you Kevin. It does seem that the NCP translations are more "dynamic." That's not something I usually prefer with scripture but this isn't scripture. It may make it easier to absorb St. Augustine's wisdom, provided it's faithful to the original, which it seems to be, judging from your comparison. Generally, the best translation
    Posted to General by Jeff on Tue, Apr 16 2019
  • Re: Augustine New 21st Century Transalation on PrePub !!!!!!

    It is indeed a shame that they decided to bundle the Expositions of the Psalms with these other more readily available works such as the commentary on John's Gospel/Epistle and the Sermon on the Mount. I think that most of us have purchased the CUA versions of these works and so we would be paying for quite a bit of overlap just to gain access to the
    Posted to General by Jeff on Mon, Apr 15 2019
  • Re: Knox Bible please!

    This is the best news I've I've heard in a long time. So happy to hear that there's some movement on the Knox Bible. I know that you're focused on the ordinary form of the breviary (Liturgy of the Hours) but while you're working with Baronius Press on the Knox Bible, you may also want to look into their 1961 English/Latin edition of the Roman breviary
    Posted to Catholic Products by Jeff on Wed, Dec 26 2018
  • Re: Question for Faithlife re: Ancient Christian Writers: Augustine on the Psalms

    Thank you- good catch. It had not occurred to me to check with the publisher. You're right, for whatever reason, only the first two volumes are in print. I don't quite understand why that is the case. I appreciate the suggestion by the way. I do have and use the translation that you refer to from the Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers series. For many reasons
    Posted to Catholic Products by Jeff on Sun, Jul 22 2018
  • Question for Faithlife re: Ancient Christian Writers: Augustine on the Psalms

    Hi I had a question regarding the ACW series. There are only two volumes of Augustine's commentaries on the Psalms ( link here ). I'm not seeing any pre-production information about the remaining volumes and was wondering if there are any future plans to bring on the remaining volumes in this series. I'd probably pick up the two that are available now
    Posted to Catholic Products by Jeff on Sat, Jul 21 2018
  • Re: Church Fathers on sale

    I'm really excited about this sale as I find the normal price of these volumes to be way out of my budget. I'm looking to pick up about 4. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding the most critical texts? I have an affinity for St. Augustine and the topics of prayer/spirituality but am open. I'll paste what I already own below. I'd welcome any
    Posted to General by Jeff on Thu, Jun 14 2018
  • Re: The New Verbum Team at Faithlife

    Hi Craig, On a similar note, I was wondering if there were any plans for your staff to look at the possibility of adding the Knox Bible. This has been garnering votes on Uservoice for many years and is still the most requested resource there. The translation is absolutely majestic and would make a wonderful addition to Verbum. https://www.baroniuspress
    Posted to Catholic Products by Jeff on Tue, Feb 20 2018
  • Re: Outside the Bible, 3-volume set: Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture

    I own the hardback 3 set and it cost me $235.00USD when it first came out. I placed the order when the set was offered during pre-publishing in 2013 and I waited one year to received my books. offers the 3 set for $260.00 which is more than what Faithlife is offering and you can use the LOGOS features of the software. I'm not advertising
    Posted to Suggestions by Daniel Andujar on Wed, May 17 2017
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