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  • Re: Logos 8 Wishlist

    Phil, thank you for your response. I would think that a global setting to change text and background color for all panels/screens would work (images/pictures remaining unchanged is something I can live with as they are not that common in the texts). The color scheme that I prefer is a light green (custom color) on a black background. Bright colors in
    Posted to Logos 7 by James Walraven on Wed, Feb 28 2018
  • Re: Logos 8 Wishlist

    Wish: the return of full color customization. I am a legally blind pastor who has been on Logos 3 for a very long time. I went to upgrade (at long last) to Logos 7 today, but contrary to what I was told, discovered that while the color of books can still be adjusted, most of the other screens are now hard coded black text on white background. Unfortunately
    Posted to Logos 7 by James Walraven on Tue, Feb 27 2018
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