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  • Re: Saved Layouts

    Verified, this is now "broken" in the last week or two. I had created various layouts in the past and saved the url that it created [a fairly large one]. Those bookmarks still work, but once the page is loaded it will then refresh/end with a shorten url that references only one item within the layout - the one I last focused on. I can no longer create
    Posted to Logos 9 Web App by Adam Cody on Tue, Jul 20 2021
  • Re: 30,000+ new product pages on

    Thank you! As a non-Reformed person, this is greatly appreciated. Hopefully, one day, the Logos selection for Orthodox will be on par to the other denominational options - but in the meantime, it will be nice to find the other resources from the other sites for purchase that still can be used in Logos (though without the full features set). This will
    Posted to General by Adam Cody on Sun, Aug 11 2019
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