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  • Re: MacOS Mojave Public Beta

    I have been trying to install for the first time logos 7 in Mojave and it tells me that the file is "damaged". Apparently there is still no compatibility (unless someone knows something that I do not yet). So far I have not been able to work on my macbook pro 2012 (Mojave) with logos 7.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Emmanuel on Tue, Dec 11 2018
  • Acerca del sistema operativo de Mac OS X 10.11

    Buenas tardes a quien corresponda. Estoy por comprar una Mac con sistema operativo OS X 10.11 me servirá para poder trabajar con mi biblioteca logos 7 (y poder actualizarme el siguiente año a la versión 8)? Les agradezco su atención
    Posted to Español by Emmanuel on Wed, Dec 5 2018
  • Can I insert a power point slide?

    I am interested in designing a slide on powerpoint and then inserting it into a Proclaim presentation. Is this possible? I cannot find where you can directly pre-design a slide and bring it in. Help?
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Keith Reeser on Thu, Dec 15 2011
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