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  • Resources Update Notes?

    Regularly, Logos is updated with new version - indicated by a corresponding icon in the top menu bar. From there, quite comprehensive update notes are available, allowing to see what has changed, or rather what has been corrected. I somtimes wonder what the changes might be in upodated resources? These too are updated regularly, but no update notes
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by Michael Abegg on Fri, Mar 18 2022
  • BUG: Delete "useless" Markers

    Hi all When I read, I use Text markers (all different types of them, including own markers) a lot. Sometimes (and not too rarely!) it happens that I e.g. mark the wrong passage (a line too much, some words missing etc.) and I want to re-create the marker. Up till now what I did was click somewhere in the marked text and select "remove mark", thinking
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by Michael Abegg on Mon, Feb 7 2022
  • Display Bible Books Structure as Selection possibility (as an alternative to mere chapter list)

    Hi I'm often looking for a specific story or subject in a book that I would immediately spot in a list of section titles. Or I need (for my studies) to give the structure of a certain biblical book. Forboth requirements I would higly apreciate if in the "chapter selection area" (left of the bible text) I could optionally switch to "title structure"
    Posted to Suggestions by Michael Abegg on Thu, Sep 9 2021
  • Visual Filter "Headings only"

    I have just been thinking about a feature that would quite help get an overview over a) a biblical book as such and b) the different structures that different trasnslators have conceded to that book: What if - in addition to the already existing visual filter "biblical text only" [may be called differently - I'm using the german translation of Logos
    Posted to Suggestions by Michael Abegg on Wed, Mar 25 2020
  • Bücherwunsch

    Hallo liebes Logos-Team und liebe Logos-Community kann man irgendwo Bücherwünsche anbringen, welche dann überprüft und ggf. als Logos-Ressource produziert werden könnten? Oder wie kommen neue Bücher auf die "Hit-Liste"? Ich würde mir konkret "Das Alte Testament und der Vordere Orient: Zur historischen Zuverlässigkeit biblischer Geschichte" von Kenneth
    Posted to Deutsch by Michael Abegg on Thu, Feb 6 2020
  • Logos crashes without any notification

    Hi When I open one specific Bible (LU, Martin Luther 2017 with Lemmatisation), Logos crashes without any warning or error message - it first pauses (does not react to any user input) and then is gone. It took me some time to find out it could have to do sth. with this translation, because it mainly happened when I entered a bible reference into the
    Posted to Logos 7 by Michael Abegg on Mon, Oct 1 2018
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