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  • Re: Smart tags stopped working

    Hey sir, I am really clueless as to the innerworkings of the smart tag feature and in reading through this discussion you seem to have a very good understanding. My situation is fairly simple. I recently purchased a new Lenovo laptop and upon downloading Logos to it I had to upgrade to logos 9. I run MSWord 7. After getting everything setup the smart
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Taj Michael Eaton on Thu, Jun 24 2021
  • Re: Smart Tags broken in 6.3 SR1

    All, Not sure if this is the right way to do this but is anyone familiar with why smart tags stopped working again. I run Logos 6 core engine and an older version of word. Last fall I upgraded to 6 and first noticed it quit working. For some reason it resolved itself. After several calls with no real help. I ran un update recently on both laptops smart
    Posted to Logos 6 by Taj Michael Eaton on Thu, May 26 2016
  • Re: Is there a replacement for Smart Tags in Logos 6?

    This is old but I am curious as to what you might have figured out. I just "upgraded" to the logos 6 core engine and lost my usage of smartTags which I used daily. I feel a bit lost. I am not real tech savvy and am not sure what to do. Customer support suggested I go back to logos 4 but the reason I "upgraded" was because 4 would not synchronize and
    Posted to Logos 6 by Taj Michael Eaton on Fri, Nov 13 2015
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