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  • Re: SUGGESTION: Rename 'Accessibility' Subform

    Thanks for the welcome. I've been using Logos for a long time (version 1.6). My purpose supporting the renaming of this forum is linked to the original reason it was created: : "The Accessibility forum has three purposes: To garner user feedback, helping us prioritize development for improved accessibility
    Posted to Accessibility by AndrewG on Tue, Jan 14 2020
  • Re: SUGGESTION: Rename 'Accessibility' Subform

    I agree. In fact I am appalled about the seeming attitude of Faithlife towards disability. It seems they will only listen to the majority voice (eg UserVoice). Seeing people with disabilities are not the majority, I will be pleasantly surprised if any action it taken, but we can hope . . .
    Posted to Accessibility by AndrewG on Wed, Dec 25 2019
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