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  • Re: L 9 Seventh-day Adventist Base Packages

    Hello. God bless you. I have the SDA Collection with Logos 8. When I checked the SDA collection with Logos 9, I did not find a significant difference to what I have with L8. Regarding why not many of our books are published by FL, I believe that not enough people (including pastors) use or invest time to use/master this great tool. In the Division where
    Posted to Seventh-day Adventist Products by Hector Marquez on Sat, Oct 31 2020
  • Text to Speech For Logos Books

    Hi, I know that this topic has been discussed before, but wanted to bring it into discussion again, from a current perspective. in my Logos Library I have resources (books) that would like to read. Reading the books from my tablet, or even from my cell phone have been options for me, as they are for other Logos Software users. The real challenge has
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Hector Marquez on Sun, Aug 11 2019
  • Theology Guide

    Hi. Today I tried a topic in the Theology Guide. I was surprised to see that references listed were limited to two Systematic Theology resources from my library. Even trying the "Search All Systematic Theologies" option only provided results from the stated Systematic Theology resources. That was a bit disappointing to me since thought the tool (Guide
    Posted to Logos 8 by Hector Marquez on Thu, Nov 1 2018
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