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  • Re: Logos closes reseller channels

    Mark, Most of the stores did not carry all the Logos base products. Also, in order to get most add-on books, the source was Logos. However, if you use the Pre-pub and Community Price pages you get the products at deep discounts. That is especially true of the Community Price page, but few people are submitting bids. I don't care what anyone thinks of
  • Re: Anyone on this forum who lives in Dallas TX

    Jerry, at one time there was a Dallas based Logos rep. He began to organize Libronix users into groups based on their location. I believe that one was established for Tarrant County, but I don't think that anything came of the Dallas and Collins groups. You have the Library two steps above mine, but as they taught us at Camp Logos, the basics are all
  • Re: Oh no.

    I really like and use the pre-pub page. However, I have the same problem when the titles are published, they seem to come all at once...and in no particular order. This is a problem since I own no credit cards and all my orders come via my debit card. I don't pay over time. I pay now! This is a hassle considering how long we sometimes have to wait for
  • Re: 1000 Bible Images

    I was looking at the demo videos for mac, and it looks as if the controls are at the top left of your home page. I did see the word "Help." But I use the windows version which has been around a long time. Sorry, I did not get back to you sooner.
    Posted to Suggestions by Gregory E. Sarwinski on Thu, Jun 25 2009
  • Re: 1000 Bible Images

    Theodore, I was going to tell about using the "Help" tab in Libronix where you can report a typo, but since I also bought the "1000 Bible Images," I just went a head with reporting the typo you found. This is the quickest way that we can give feedback to Logos as we use a resourse. Thanks for being so observant!
    Posted to Suggestions by Gregory E. Sarwinski on Fri, Jun 19 2009
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