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  • Re: Multiple Monitors and Logos set-ups

    @Jack I got the same problem: Logos 8.9 SR-1 and Windows 10 with secondary monitor My workaround for now is to separate the notes tab and move it to the first monitor. Would be interested to hear if there is a fix coming for this (might be Windows related though)
    Posted to General by Rayk on Fri, Nov 22 2019
  • Re: Android Reader Suite Beta Release Notes

    I noticed that within a note it is not possible to select a linked verse and see a preview (like in any commentary or other logos book) Would it be possible to include a preview for the notes as well? At the moment the only way it works is to use a second tab or to use a split screen which is not very helpful on a smaller tablet. Thanks in advance for
    Posted to Logos Mobile Beta by Rayk on Fri, Sep 13 2019
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