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  • Re: Parasha Lectionary

    [quote user="Michael D. Parker"]I see that I can add it as a card to my home page - at least I think I can but it does not show up.[/quote] TBH, I've never used it this way. i just open it as another resource and keep it open b/c I'm using it so much. I'll give it a go tonight and see what happens.
    Posted to Files by Genghis on Sun, Nov 8 2020
  • Re: Logos 8 won't install on Windows 8 PC?

    [quote user="Bradley Grainger (Faithlife)"]But if you want to try to get it working, here you go: [/quote] Thanks Bradley. I wanted to breath new life into an old laptop that had Win 10 but was too slow. I was going to take it back to Win 7 so hopefully L7 will work. I was just wondering where
    Posted to Logos 8 by Genghis on Sat, Oct 17 2020
  • Re: Old Testament Discrimination

    Quite agree. A pity as all the NT writers had the OT in mind when they were referring to Scripture. Consequently a full understanding of the NT is dependent on a deep understanding of the OT.
    Posted to Suggestions by Genghis on Sat, Sep 26 2020
  • Re: [PB] Rashi on Pentateuch, Megillot, Former Prophets from Sefaria

    [quote user="Mendel Itkin"]I also didn't find a solution how to convert the footnotes for Word, so I left the superscript and put the footnotes in brackets next to it with italics. [/quote] Hi Mendel Great contribution! Although many Christians may such writings aren't relevant to them, not all feel that way. Re footnotes: Does this help? https://wiki
    Posted to Files by Genghis on Fri, Sep 25 2020
  • Re: Old Testament Discrimination

    [quote user="David Paul"]There are tons of Tanakh resources that are "available" for FL to provide in Logos, but you won't see many of them because there isn't enough interest.[/quote] Yeah, and that's not FL's fault but a sad reflection on where we are with Christianity today. Maybe the growing interest in "Messianic Christianity" and "Hebraic Roots
    Posted to Suggestions by Genghis on Fri, Sep 25 2020
  • Re: Old Testament Discrimination

    I think he means New Testament is an artificial demarcation, not the New Covenant (as in Jeremiah 31) being the artificial demarcation. As I understand it, the "New" Covenant is a renewal of the Old Covenant but this time the Holy Spirit is the enabling Grace which allows those who accept it to obey it, in contrast to those who accepted the Old Covenant
    Posted to Suggestions by Genghis on Fri, Sep 25 2020
  • Parasha Lectionary

    Each week, synagogues across the world read a section from the Torah (the five books of Moses). In Hebrew, this passage is called Parashat HaShavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ), which means “portion of the week.” Sometimes it is called the parsha or sidra . The Jewish community follows a schedule of readings based on the Hebrew calendar. Over
    Posted to Files by Genghis on Fri, Sep 25 2020
  • Re: Books that should be added to passage guide results

    Thx! Never heard of Ginzberg's work, until now. Just finished making a Personal Book using Project Gutenberg's text, and started reading the story of creation. Fascinating.
    Posted to General by Genghis on Thu, May 28 2020
  • Re: Legends of the Jews

    Also available on Project Gutenberg in .txt, .mobi and .epub formats
    Posted to General by Genghis on Thu, May 28 2020
  • Re: Logos Hebrew Keyboard disappeared!

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"] bump [/quote] Hi there MJ No, I haven't solved the problem that works consistently but discovered a work around. My entire family are Logos users (two parents and four children aged between 10-16) and they each have tablets, laptops and PCs: six machines in all. The imperfect fix: On Windows 10 Build 1909, go to Settings Tap
    Posted to Logos 8 by Genghis on Sun, May 3 2020
  • Logos Hebrew Keyboard disappeared!

    I have been using the Logos Hebrew Keyboard but today it's disappeared and when I try to re-install, it says the dll is already in the directory, try again. But trying again just results in the same error message? Logos say its provided without any support, so I haven't bothered asking them. Any assistance appreciated.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Genghis on Fri, Apr 24 2020
  • Re: How do you move/rearrange windows/panels in a layout?

    Thanks! Works using a finger on a touchscreen too. That is, hold your shift key down, and use your finger to drag the tabs from one side to the other.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Genghis on Wed, Apr 15 2020
  • Re: K & D Commentaries.

    Numbers: Footnote 86 is blank. Remove it and Numbers will compile.
    Posted to Files by Genghis on Sun, Mar 29 2020
  • Re: How is COVID-19 impacting you?

    Hi Bruce Thx. Good questions Are you working from home now when you used to work in an office? No. Already working from home . Has it impacting your regular purchasing of Faithlife products? Yep. Revenue uncertainty over the next few months means reducing expenditure across the board. Collapse in real estate prices poss. Unemployed over 50 will struggle
    Posted to General by Genghis on Sat, Mar 28 2020
  • Re: ( multi user ) Add My wife as a User but I don't want to mix my highlights, notes, etc.

    I suspect that this is tied up with the licensing terms Logos has entered into with copyright holders. Many holders are wary of granting licensing for electronic use because they are afraid of piracy damaging sales. Consequently, Logos may have little ability to influence this.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Genghis on Thu, Mar 26 2020
  • Re: Anchoring A Note

    Can you anchor to a topic? e.g. "Sabbath"?
    Posted to Logos 8 by Genghis on Wed, Mar 4 2020
  • Re: Personal Books on iOS

    [quote user="NB.Mick"] just into the atmosphere of talks with a reluctant publisher, should this publisher's negotiators point to the existence of the PB. [/quote] Probably the most likely scenario.
    Posted to Old iOS Forum (research only) by Genghis on Mon, Nov 25 2019
  • Re: windows tablet

    Achten Sie auch auf die Menge an RAM. Sie benötigen mindestens 4 GB; 8GB oder mehr ist besser, sonst ist es langsam.
    Posted to Deutsch by Genghis on Mon, Nov 25 2019
  • Re: Can I import a digital book that I own into Logos?

    Posted to General by Genghis on Mon, Nov 25 2019
  • Re: What is your favorite feature?

    I came across this thread because I wanted to give Faithlife a shout out for the context menu or some call it a "highlighting palette." Amazing how this has transformed its usability and improved my study. Highlighting didn't get as much use before because the highlighting panel took up so much screen real estate. Now by highlighting I find myself taking
    Posted to Logos 8 by Genghis on Sun, Sep 29 2019
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