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  • context menu

    Very often if I'm using the context menu to look up a Hebrew or Greek word I first want to hear the pronunciation to support/ check my knowledge, then go on to Power Lookup or use a preferred lexicon. Is there a way to keep the context menu open after it plays the pronunciation, because I can't find it. If not, why not?
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by Rosemary Pritchard on Fri, Jun 11 2021
  • Topic Guide

    I haven't used the Topic Guide much before. I was given the topic of Stewardship for a short talk and decided to try it. It was valuable BUT under Sermons, only two sermon authors came up, Spurgeon and Wm Burt Pope. HOWEVER I have a full Wesley collection in my library and I know for a fact there's a Wesley sermon 'The Good Steward.' This gap made me
    Posted to Logos 8 by Rosemary Pritchard on Sun, Apr 26 2020
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