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  • Verbum 9 update fails on Surface pro i5 8mb

    I am on windows 10 on the surface pro 6 i5 8mb ram. Plenty of disc space. When Verbum tries to do an app update it fails with a ...if someone can direct me to how to turn on the logs and debug I am glad to submit .. verbum version sr-2 The message is simple "The installation of Verbum did not succeed" Dave
    Posted to Catholic Products by Dave Gifford on Fri, Dec 18 2020
  • toggle between verbum and logos

    there is a command that lets me toggle between the two but I can't recall it. Anyone remember it? That leads me to how do I get a list of these tools? Thanks
    Posted to Logos 8 by Dave Gifford on Wed, Jun 10 2020
  • Office 365 Ms WORD help

    I have just started embedding Hebrew words into the text of my sermons. This is new territory as I usually just use transliterated. I am hoping someone can help correct my ignorance. "The Hebrew root for renew is “Chadash” transliterated from חָדַשׁ " I put the above in MS word and then it suddenly wants to type backwards thinking my entire
    Posted to General by Dave Gifford on Sun, May 17 2020
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