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  • The Ghost of Christmas Past

    I've noted a fair amount of discussion on this year's Christmas deals and those of past years. If you are not familiar with this link you might find if interesting as a way of looking at what Logos has done in past years. Just use the Wayback Machine in the first section. Merry Christmas! John Crupper
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Sun, Dec 19 2010
  • Re: Encyclopedia of Christianity Vol.5?

    Just checked my email and it's come through.
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Sat, Jan 15 2011
  • Re: Since we're all adults here how about we make a new rule...?

    Indeed! WWJD? I too am used to v.3 and am missing some features (promised for later). My 2 cents on this is that v.3 was way too dated in its technology. V4 is very much where Logos needs to be heading. If Logos were to "hang tough" with what was really a very dated interface and refuse to move ahead, where would we be in 10 years when they lose business
    Posted to Logos 4 by John Crupper on Fri, Nov 6 2009
  • Re: Logos 4 for Win 7 64-bit

    I've been using Win 7 64-bit since Dec with only one issue which was not a Windows problem. Seems some program thinking it would "optimize" my system created a fixed swap file instead of letting Windows manage it dynamically. I kept having problems when I had Logos 4 open for a while getting messages that I was low on memory and needed to close the
    Posted to Logos 4 by John Crupper on Tue, Apr 6 2010
  • NICNT Individual Volumes

    Saw today that Olive Tree is making individual volumes of the NICNT. When might we see this from Logos. It appears that it IS possible to get individual licensing. Hopefully, sometime in the near future. Blessings, John K. Crupper
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Fri, May 13 2011
  • Re: It's a good thing that D. A. Carson did not win...

    Very disappointed with the limited offering here. Was hoping for some other titles. I'm assuming this is an issue with the publishers given the more expansive offerings on every other author in the March Madness Sale.
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Wed, Apr 4 2012
  • Re: Highlighting and notes a needed feature.

    Can't even begin to say how glad I am to hear this! Thanks! Blessings, John Crupper
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by John Crupper on Fri, Jun 3 2011
  • Re: Black Friday Sales Posted!

    I do think HAL is right on target with his post. As I looked through the deals all I could think was "Whose Wish Lists are they looking at? Is this seriously what's on people's wish lists?" Thanks, HAL, for helping me get a grip on reality!
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Thu, Nov 28 2013
  • Re: Whats the best way to use Highlighting?

    Doubtless the answer is somewhere in the forums or wikis but can you tell me or point me to info about the icons you are using? Would be very appreciative.
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Wed, Nov 20 2013
  • Re: Android Suite 2.0.6 Public Beta

    Crashing on my Kindle Fire when I switch from my default Bible (NASB) in the top window to any other book. The NASB is the version I have been marking so there are a lot of highlights. I can switch to any other book in the bottom window with no problem.
    Posted to Android Apps by John Crupper on Wed, Aug 8 2012
  • Re: Logos/Vyrso for Android 0.9.4 Released

    The only way I've found to do it is go offline by turning the WIFI off. Then only the downloaded books show up. John
    Posted to Android Apps by John Crupper on Sun, Apr 29 2012
  • Re: PC Library to Kindle Fire?

    Eric, Not all resources can come over to the Fire (true of all mobile platforms) due to limits from publishers. Most can though. Your Fire needs to be online via WiFi and you need to have the Logos app running and logged into your account. Select Library and you will see the resources that are available. If you click the small arrow to the far right
    Posted to Android Apps by John Crupper on Sat, May 12 2012
  • Re: Kindle Fire HD experience

    Just a few thoughts regarding the Kindle vs Nexus. If you are not at all interested in any of Amazon's content (not just books, but video, magazines, music) and you are OK with the slightly lower specs on the Nexus, then going that way makes good sense. I have lots of Kindle books (which I could read on the Nexus) but also have Prime video streaming
    Posted to Android Apps by John Crupper on Thu, Feb 27 2014
  • Re: Kindle Fire HD experience

    I'm using a Kindle Fire HDX 7" with 32 GB and it works great. It's actually my 3rd Kindle Fire (traded at each new generation). During the time I have been using a Fire the Android software has come a long way. I have close to 2000 resources on it and there is plenty of room for this, a number other apps and a lot of Kindle books (no music, pictures
    Posted to Android Apps by John Crupper on Tue, Feb 25 2014
  • Re: Bug: Today's Prayers on Home Page Sidebar

    Doesn't seem to be working for me. Thanks for the tip though.
    Posted to Logos 6 by John Crupper on Wed, Oct 29 2014
  • Documents Missing

    Started up Logos a few minutes ago and all of my files (clippings, prayer lists, etc.) are missing! They were there on Friday. Any ideas while I'm waiting to contact tech support would be greatly appreciated. Is this kind of stuff stored on Logos servers or do I need to use my own backup? Any ideas? Thanks, John
    Posted to Logos 5 by John Crupper on Sun, Sep 7 2014
  • Re: Delete or Hide Books

    While I have hidden a few books, I use the following method for managing what I see and what I search on. It has the advantage of allowing me to choose the scope I deem appropriate for what I'm doing. I apply the tag "Core" to the books that I consider to be a part of my working library. This took a while to get done in the beginning. I tagged some
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Wed, Dec 7 2016
  • Re: worth keeping?

    I'll throw in my 2 cents. I tried a month when Logos Now was first released. Stopped it after the first month. About three months ago I decided to watch the help videos on Logos Now and decided to sign up again. There are a lot of cool features, but the one that I like a lot is being able to set it up so that the lexicons open to the word you want to
    Posted to Logos Now by John Crupper on Fri, Jul 29 2016
  • What option level got pushed?

    Have looked through several posts but don't see the answer to this. So, apologies if this has been answered. Given that there are 4 subscription levels and 3 are available now, what level got pushed to people trying it out? Thanks in advance. John Crupper
    Posted to Logos Cloud by John Crupper on Tue, Jun 2 2015
  • Popular Highlights feature

    I'm in the process of studying a number of commentaries in James and just happened to notice that some of the resources (for example, ZECNT, AYBC, NICNT) do not have a selection under Visual Filters for Popular Highlights. Does anyone know why? Or, am I missing something? Thanks, John Crupper
    Posted to General by John Crupper on Fri, Aug 17 2018
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