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  • Re: Logos Is Too Expensive

    Yesterday I noticed that my WS items weren't transferring into my Logos program which was a bit annoying. So I called customer service and merged the different two different accounts (different email addresses) which a few hours later ended up downloading over 1300 items into Logos. In essence my WS money wasn't lost by simply spending time working
    Posted to General by Rene Atchley on Tue, Sep 22 2020
  • Re: Logos Is Too Expensive

    [quote user="Tes"] [quote user="Joel Reed"] Are Christians here to make lots of money through ministry, or help other Christians grow in their faith? [/quote] I think both of them. This may not speak to all Christians. But as long as you have mentioned Christians The more money they get the more can produce valuable materials. Regarding Faithlife if
    Posted to General by Rene Atchley on Mon, Sep 21 2020
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