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  • Re: L9 mobile app updates are underwhelming

    I'm disappointed that the Passage Guide is not updated in the new mobile app. In the Desktop app you can easily recognize the commentaries by the series abbreviation and author. In the mobile app you only see a list of commentary names, without any clue to recognize which commentary is which. When I see a list of commentaries which all have the name
    Posted to Logos 9 Mobile by Simon on Thu, Oct 29 2020
  • Re: Announcing L9 for iOS and Android

    [quote user="John Fidel"] Thanks Myke. It appears my iPad cannot run the latest OS so can only run the older version of the mobile app. [/quote] My e-reader runs Android 6. Where can I find the lastest Logos APK that runs on Android 6?
    Posted to Logos 9 Mobile by Simon on Wed, Oct 28 2020
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