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  • Re: Frustrated former Wordsearch Customer

    There is little I would add to what has already been said, except this. I also came from Wordsearch and had many of the complaints you have voiced, all of which has have been addressed, except maybe a plug for which has been my most effective tool in settling into Logos. (specific Wordsearch to Logos webinars here
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by The Flanary's on Tue, Nov 17 2020
  • Re: Why were Wordsearch customers at various levels given the same base Logos package?

    I wouldn't expect a full feature for free. I am a former Wordsearch customer, as well, and have now purchased full feature and libraries within Logos (during the 50% off offer for us). I have also taken most of Morris Proctor's training on Logos 8 and 9. I said all that to say this, Logos capabilities are far beyond those of Wordsearch. What we were
    Posted to Wordsearch Bible Software by The Flanary's on Mon, Nov 16 2020
  • Re: Documents from Wordsearch

    I would say the simplest option would be to open both programs and simply copy/paste into sermon builder/editor. The other "option would take a bit longer but its not too difficult. Convert the WS Docs to .docx using Microsoft Word, and then make them into personal books in Logos. This option would create some search features
    Posted to Wordsearch Bible Software by The Flanary's on Sat, Nov 14 2020
  • Re: Documents from Wordsearch

    This is their reply from the Wordsearch Transition page: "When will my notes, highlights, and other documents be available in Logos? We know how important the work you’ve invested has been. Safely transferring all of your notes, highlights, documents, and other material into Logos is one of our top priorities. Doing this with care will take time
    Posted to Wordsearch Bible Software by The Flanary's on Fri, Nov 13 2020
  • Re: WORDSearch

    We have retained all of our books and features in WS12 for as long as Operating systems continue supporting it. Even after that it could be maintained on an out of date laptop. Our EULA on purchase covers WS/Lifeway from legal ramifications. HOWEVER, Faithlife/Logos has agreed to house our libraries as well, even adding a few features above and beyond
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by The Flanary's on Fri, Nov 13 2020
  • Re: We have become friends throught the forum

    A rural area, miles from a small town, near Joplin-USA (best known for our Tornadoes)
    Posted to General by The Flanary's on Fri, Nov 13 2020
  • Logos 4

    I can't open Logos 4. A box tells me that it has stopped working and windows will attempt to find the trouble and let me know. What should I do?
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dr. William R. Brown on Sat, Sep 24 2011
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