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  • Re: Grant Horner's Bible Reading Plan in Logos

    I still like doing this in a regular Bible, but I might switch when the LSB gets into Logos.
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, Jul 3 2022
  • Re: Seriously Faithlife, couldn't you guys make a linux app?

    If there was a developmental breakthrough that made apps really easy to cross-platform maybe this isn't far-fetched. It's still a maintenance heavy burden. I think Windows is so plain vanilla and hardware cheap that the Linux dream keeps floating away. I still haven't seen a single reason to use Linux except to hold onto old hardware.
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, Jun 26 2022
  • Re: MacArthur Daily Reading Help

    The Crossway book opens just fine for today's reading. I think that volume came with my first version of Logos on a MacArthur library CD.
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, Jun 12 2022
  • Re: Tip for Supplemental Lexicon

    Great idea. I would love some other multi resource suggestions along language lines as that's where so many hits happen. Any other wonders for this tool would be welcome as well, but language stuff leverage makes me light up
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, Jun 8 2022
  • Re: Best PC hardware for Logos 2022?

    The machine I bought in 2019 still rocks. It's an 8tth gen i9 in a Dell XPS 15. It was already last year's model when I bought it. I do see that the latest hardware would be just fine for L10. If you buy up a notch with extra RAM, a bit bigger drive and a nice video card you will do just fine. Logos no longer needs top level hardware, but it will keep
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, May 29 2022
  • Re: BDAG Entries (NASB)

    If Bauer is your main lexicon, you should be able to right click on a word and pull up your definition on the fly FWIW, this is a very bad way to learn Greek but it is a very useful way to stay out of making stupid presumptions as to what the text says. Logos technology is a double-edged sword.
    Posted to General by mab on Fri, May 27 2022
  • Re: NET Bible Notes 2nd Ed, difficult to use

    NET has been mostly free for everyone who has Logos. NET 1 came in a package and NET 2 was in Logos 9 for me. The easiest way to use NET 2 is to keep it in your priority Bible list. I understand why people want to split it, but I think it's actually a choice tablet resource. YMMV
    Posted to General by mab on Fri, May 13 2022
  • Re: Windows install option speedup command

    Yes it's NGEN. Thanks. I had to nose a bit further to get the command bar prompt to set it within Logos. That was introduced in Logos 7. set use ngen to yes and restart Logos to apply it.
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, May 11 2022
  • Windows install option speedup command

    Something burped when I ran Windows Update and the usual rollback was no longer viable on my machine , so I had to run a reset with files option and reinstall Logos. I can't recall the command for doing the Windows Net acceleration when a new version of Logos shows up or what it references. Can someone refresh my aging memory? Thank you so much!
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, May 11 2022
  • Re: Just a thought, but controversial I am sure.

    I appreciate those who care about serving here. The forums have made it possible to make using Logos less bewildering as it has transformed into a real powerhouse. Bumps are fine. Maybe we need a better protocol to flag or direct so people can get more timely answers. I just don't know what that might mean. Can we make a flag/highlight appear on questions
    Posted to General by mab on Mon, May 9 2022
  • Re: Apple Silicon

    I am not holding my breath on native L9. It could/may still happen. I wish it would because there's another macOS hitting in just a few weeks. Prove me wrong FL but I don't expect this till L10.
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, May 8 2022
  • Re: Optimal Download Speed

    I just checked mine clocked through an AC wifi connection and it's just under 89 mbps. It's been almost always plenty fast for Logos and other use. I think I will spring for an AX router if I get another machine that will make use of it.
    Posted to General by mab on Sun, May 8 2022
  • Latest LRC timetable

    The current offer on the unpublished set as yet is very attractive. Nearly 100 off individual pre-pub. Saving that much is decent, but I was wondering roughly how long down the road these volumes are. 60 days? I don’t mind funding short term but I am not Elon Musk.
    Posted to General by mab on Thu, May 5 2022
  • Re: William Albright's Matthew Commentary Pretty Good (AYB)

    If I recall correctly, Albright was really a decent scholar but this commentary wasn't his finest hour. He made other contributions of more value. I consider questions about which gospel came first are answered with more than a little conjecture. The Holy Spirit was first, have fun arguing how He moved among men.
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, May 4 2022
  • Re: How do I get rid of "bloatware"?

    I have tons of stuff I probably will never use. I probably should tag or hide stuff but it doesn't get in the way at all if you have a fast machine. What I really recommend is that you prioritize the stuff you have so that it comes up when you study. I think you ought to focus on that. Make your desktop the way you want it so that the things you need
    Posted to General by mab on Fri, Apr 29 2022
  • Re: Legacy Standard Bible

    I am delighted and put my order in for it.
    Posted to General by mab on Wed, Apr 27 2022
  • Re: Study outside your idealogy?

    Being a real follower of Messiah means the truth is that we follow Him outside the camp. Ecclesial training wheels eventually come off.
    Posted to General by mab on Sat, Apr 23 2022
  • Re: Should I wait for 10???

    You should wait for sales, but waiting on a new version of Logos doesn't benefit you. Logos 9 is mostly what I imagined Logos would become when I first bought Logos 4. I look forward to improvements, but I consider Logos 9 very mature, useful, and everything I need. Logos 10 is months away and you would deprive yourself of what you can do right now
    Posted to General by mab on Mon, Apr 18 2022
  • Re: How many misrepresentation of facts do you allow before calling a resource garbage?

    Christians are supposed to rejoice with the truth out of love and hate what is evil. I am not sure one would rightly consider redeeming the time in imputing the basis of misrepresentation. Misrepresentation of historical sources is a common issue in scholarship. If this man was exiled multiple times in his lifetime by people who should have known better
    Posted to General by mab on Tue, Apr 5 2022
  • Re: Psalm 23 question

    I am a Messianic believer. In our congregation, it's pretty common to use the CJB and the reference to Adonai is often used in prayer. It relates to His rulership. It's a title. You can make too much or too little of a name. Right now I am personally using the new LSB which uses Yahweh. It's not a big leap at all for me since I once read from the Jerusalem
    Posted to General by mab on Thu, Mar 31 2022
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