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  • Re: January Free Book

    [quote user="Glenn Crouch"]Have the free but will grab the other at the nice price [/quote] Same here, thanks FL, in Washington State
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Mon, Jan 2 2017
  • Re: BUG: Speaker and Addressee labels doubled

    [quote user="JH"]Anyone else seeing this?[/quote] Yes, I'm seeing this also.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Ralph Mauch on Sun, Jan 1 2017
  • Re: Retiring the Send-to-Kindle Feature on 3/31

    [quote user="Phil Gons (Faithlife)"]I'm really sorry this is the first you'd heard of it. Anyone who used the feature was supposed to be notified a few weeks ago, but it looks like that didn't happen. I'm going to see if we can keep the feature active for another couple of weeks for those of you who didn't get notified before today.[/quote] First I
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ralph Mauch on Thu, Mar 31 2016
  • Re: Passage Guide Bookstore

    Thanks Doc. I think you are correct, I know I have some Journals in an old format in the Library, and a newer version from Logos. I will ask faithlife on this, as I know I had most of that Commentary before I upgraded to a new Base Package in Logos 6, which had a complete offering on that Commentary/
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ralph Mauch on Sat, Nov 28 2015
  • Passage Guide Bookstore

    Looking at Isaiah 17 this morning in Passage Guide, I went down to the Bookstore option and found it saying that I could buy Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 24: Isaiah 1–33, but I know I already had that resource. Reading further down on that web page when clicking on the link in passage guide, it said that there was a newer version "This is the original
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ralph Mauch on Sat, Nov 28 2015
  • Re: Subscriptions Page Issue

    [quote user="Nathan Parker"] both are now showing active on my subscriptions page. [/quote] I have both also, one will drop off Nov 13,2015, and the annual will remain... that way you don't lose any service. Blessings
    Posted to Faithlife Connect (formerly Logos Now) by Ralph Mauch on Wed, Nov 4 2015
  • Re: November FBOTM: Thanks, Logos, For Free Commentaries!

    [quote user="Rick"] The third volume for Matthew is on sale too! It is $4.99. [/quote] Thanks! Would have missed unless I read your post. Blessings
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Sun, Nov 1 2015
  • Re: My take on Logos Now

    [quote user="Bill Moore"] I may or may not add Logos Now, and am happy to see it as an add-on to the desktop product. I hope this is how it remains, with new desktop upgrades coming out every two or three years. [/quote] Bill, you're where I was at a couple months ago, and though I don't use all of what Now gives me, there is enough that if I dropped
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Fri, Oct 30 2015
  • Re: "resources ready to be added to your library" over and over and over again :)

    [quote user="abondservant"] anyone have further thoughts? [/quote] I had the same issue yesterday 10/22/2015, as I tried restarting about 5 times. The only thing that occurred to me, was that it might have been caused by the Program while it was indexing. Later that evening the blue circle was gone and what it said was uploaded, was available in my
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Ralph Mauch on Thu, Oct 22 2015
  • Re: Today (OCT 21, 2015) is the last day you can save 80%

    [quote user="Super.Tramp"] Today (OCT 21, 2015) is the last day you can save 80% off the retail price of the Great Books of the Western World (60 vols.) Get your Pre-Pub in for $99 before the price jumps to $199 tomorrow. ACT NOW. [/quote] Thanks for the reminder, just placed my pre-pub order!!! Blessing
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Wed, Oct 21 2015
  • Re: Windows 10

    Amen, God is good... thank you both.
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Wed, Sep 30 2015
  • Re: Windows 10

    [quote user="Randy Murphy"] This is a Windows 10 bug. I hope microsoft gets this fixed soon. [/quote] I can't be sure, but I think all the issues are with drivers and older devices that do not communicate with Windows 10. While I think the last update helped
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Sat, Sep 26 2015
  • Re: Windows 10

    Well I don't have an issue anymore, can't tell which update did the trick, it certainly wasn't a fix from the company that I bought the laptop from (HP). I can again shut the lid of the laptop, come back and Logos is open to where I last left it... life is good again
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Wed, Sep 23 2015
  • Re: Windows 10

    Ok, day 3 on Windows 10, and when my computer goes to sleep, sometimes it won't wakeup... not a show stopper, but if I have Logos 6 open while it went into this mode, anything I changed (like opened books) is gone, and it brings me to the place I was at the last time I started the computer. Very irritating! Does anyone else have this problem, I've updated
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Sun, Aug 2 2015
  • Re: Valuation of Logos 6 package and library

    Interesting, mine goes back to 2001, but had it from when they first released the software... got mine at Egghead Software (went out of business long time ago :) ) I am amazed that all of the books from 3rd party software are alive and working well! That alone speaks volumes about Logos, now FaithLife!
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ralph Mauch on Thu, Jul 30 2015
  • Re: Windows 10

    [quote user="Donnie Hale"] [quote user="Mark Barnes"]To be fair I was having Windows Update problems in Windows 8[/quote] I've had ***a lot*** of Windows Update and BITS problems, and other problems for services that run in the same process. This is in Windows 8.1 on multiple machines. One of the problems in trying to get these things working again
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Thu, Jul 30 2015
  • Re: Pre-Pub of Interest- J.A. Wylie Collection-Great deal!

    Thank you John, placed my bid.
    Posted to Reformed Products by Ralph Mauch on Sat, Mar 21 2015
  • Re: Classic Commentary on Exodus Upgrade Closing Friday

    I'm in
    Posted to General by Ralph Mauch on Tue, Mar 17 2015
  • Re: An unknown error occurred opening resource - From Heaven He Came and Sought Her

    [quote user="David Miller"] I cannot get this to open on either the current Logos or Vyrso apps. [/quote] I don't have an answer, but had the same thing happen yesterday (same message) when trying to open "the Cross of Christ" by Stott. It does appear when using my laptop, but not android or Kindle. Tried deleting from device, and re-installing, but
    Posted to Old Android Forum (research only) by Ralph Mauch on Sun, Mar 15 2015
  • Re: Logos 6 new "Read" feature not there

    [quote user="Jerome Smith"] Things like "most used" and "last updated" do not appear. How did you get such items to appear? That is my question. Also, the book "What's New in Logos 6" gives a screen shot (which did not display in my post above) which does show the "Read" as a column heading just like your screen shot displays "most used" and "last updated
    Posted to Logos 6 by Ralph Mauch on Sun, Mar 8 2015
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