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  • Suggestion: Allow resources to be grouped in Library

    It would cut down on the clutter in the Library view if we were able to combine similar resources, and then if you clicked on it, it would expand to show all the individual resources. This would really be useful for resources like Journals, Multi-volume collected works, and other series. Even perhaps allow the option for commentaries. For example, the
    Posted to Suggestions by Donnie on Sun, Jul 4 2021
  • Suggestion: Please add the option to disable automatic synchronization.

    Not all of us have fast internet connections. I have satellite internet, and very limited bandwidth. Whenever Logos attempts to synchronizes, I pretty much can't use the internet for anything else until it's done (or usually I just have to open Task Manager and force Logos to close so that I can continue what I was doing). I know there's the option
    Posted to Suggestions by Donnie on Sat, Jun 5 2021
  • How do I find out what licenses I have and what books go to which license?

    I am planning on giving the majority of my library to a friend. He's just starting seminary and I know the books will be a blessing to him. I remember in older versions of the software you could pull a list showing you all of your licenses and what resources came with what license. I haven't been able to find that in the new software. The closest I
    Posted to General by Donnie on Thu, Jun 13 2019
  • Re: Dewey Decimal System?

    Frank, you are doing Dewey wrong if you think you need master level classes to do it. The beauty of the Dewey system is that it can be as detailed and complex or as simple as you need it to be. This picture here shows what I mean A
    Posted to General by Donnie on Wed, Jul 15 2015
  • Re: Payment plan fee of $5 per month...really?

    The $5/month does not appeal to me, but then I don't have extra cash anyway. But if you don't like it, then simply save up your money and buy the product out right, or use a credit card, or just don't buy it. It's not "usury" because you're not being forced to buy something. If you think it's "usury" then would you complain if they just took the plan
    Posted to Logos 5 by Donnie on Fri, Jul 11 2014
  • Re: How can I turn off the pop up that shows up on the right side in the library and collections?

    Have they made any changes so you can just disable this? I hate those pop-ups, they were so very annoying. But if I disable the pop-ups by clicking on the Resource information button (the "i"), then half the library view is taken up by what was now in the pop-up, and I can't resize it, and so I can only view a smaller title and author, and nothing else
    Posted to Logos 4 by Donnie on Fri, Jul 11 2014
  • Re: Hear The Word ESV Audio Bible

    Is there a way to make it so that it stops scrolling automatically? It will read about 5 or 6 lines and then scrolls so that the line it's on is now the top. Is there a way to disable that? Or at least have it so it will read the entire page before re-aligning the text?
    Posted to Logos 5 by Donnie on Tue, Feb 25 2014
  • Kindle Fire Screenshots

    I've been really debating on getting a Kindle Fire to use Logos with. I can't seem to find any screenshots of it. Would some of you who have it be so kind as to post some screenshots? Preferably one of them with a split screen with a Bible and a commentary open, one with just a book open, one with just a Bible open. Logos would be the primary reason
    Posted to Old Android Forum (research only) by Donnie on Sun, May 6 2012
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