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  • Re: Creating an exegetical outline in Logos

    Have you looked at "Sentence Diagrammer" in TOOLS? You might be able to do what you are wanting to do in there (but it may be difficult). The other option is to export the test to a Word Processor and then ( if you want it in Logos) copy and paste it into NOTES. I may be missing something(s), but these approaches may help. Hope so.
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by Ron Corbett on Sat, Jan 15 2022
  • Font changes in specific places ...

    Is there a way to : 1] change the size of the "balloons" that will not change the size of everything else on the desktop? 2] change the font in a SEARCH bar [ie- size of the Hebrew / Greek fonts] without affecting everything else? ALSO: Because we may not need / desire it in a Powerpoint slide or Word doc for instance, can we do away entirely with the
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Ron Corbett on Fri, Nov 29 2019
  • Re: Jewish interpretation - New Testament

    Dear Paulo, I appreciate your desire for truth and your willingness to ask questions on this forum. I hope you find many great tools here. Your question is familiar to me and while I do appreciate your concerns, this issue raises some concerns for me as well. If I may ... 1] Your yearning for something "pure" is commendable. Always seek the Lord for
    Posted to Messianic Jewish Products by Ron Corbett on Sun, Nov 17 2019
  • Re: How to Deal with Workflow Notes

    [quote user="Dennis Davis"]What I would really like to see is just one icon for the workflow notebook that I can then click and get into all of the actual notes[/quote] This has been a strong feeling I have had personally about (not) using this tool. It could be a fun way to work out sermon ideas and to organize sermonic material. BUT ... with the lack
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Ron Corbett on Wed, Sep 4 2019
  • Logos 8 New Features ??? Found something interesting

    Logos 8: When a Bible is open (it may work with everything but I don't know) and you click on the MULTIPLE RESOURCES DISPLAY button it can be used to quickly toggle between single resource view and multiple view. I discovered this by accident, but it is a great (new?) feature that will be a big help in my studies. Any one else making useful (presently
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Ron Corbett on Sun, Dec 9 2018
  • Re: Morphology Chart

    Logos has really helped me to grow in many ways. I have been introduced to many features of the software that took me to new places. Logos has been like a bridge which gets me to places that I couldn't get to before. Now, I am in Seminary, studying languages and I believe that Logos can help me to retain and continue growing in each area of study.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Fri, Aug 3 2018
  • Re: SUGGESTION re: Passage Analysis tools

    You are right that these are helpful tools. FWIW - I recently created a Layout in which this window gets a decent spot on the stage. it is useful.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Fri, Aug 3 2018
  • Morphology Chart

    Fill in the blanks: an aid to review / learning could include a chart that is fully filled in so we could see paradigms for all words [those items that DON'T occur in Scripture might be present but greyed out]. Either this or a Paradigm option on the right-click menu when searching out a lemma.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Wed, Jul 18 2018
  • The Suffering Servant

    how about: Driver, Samuel R., and Adolf Neubauer. The Suffering Servant of Isaiah: According to the Jewish Interpreters . Bristol, UK: Intellectbooks, 2009.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Thu, Apr 5 2018
  • Books

    E. A. Westermarck, The History of Human Marriage , 3 vols., 1922; M. Burrows, The Basis of Israelite Marriage , 1938; E. Neufeld, Ancient Hebrew Marriage Laws , 1944; D. R. Mace, Hebrew Marriage , 1953
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Sun, Aug 20 2017
  • Fuzzy Search applied to Lookups

    I just came across the word: "punditic" in one of my resources. I double-clicked on it and the search came up with no results. I thought that it might be because the word was in quotes so I copied it and pasted it into one of my dictionaries in Logos but again ... no result. I removed the ic from the end of the word and voila! The word pundit IS found
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Thu, Jun 29 2017
  • Adjusting color of hypertext links

    Maybe it is just me ... but I am noticing that it is getting more difficult [esp. in my Notes, but sometimes elsewhere] to distinguish between the black default text and the dark blue used in hypertext links. It may be due to the kind of light in the room or that fact that my eyes are getting older, but I would like to suggest a User option (under the
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Tue, Jun 13 2017
  • Amazon's Echo and Logos

    The "smart house" may be still a thing of the future, but it is rapidly becoming a reality for today. Voice commands can now: play songs, turn on /off lights, adjust your thermostat and lock your doors. Amazon Echo allows all this and more. Wouldn't it be great if the power of Logos could be incorporated into this world? "Alexa, quote Ephesians chapter
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Wed, Aug 3 2016
  • Re: Replacement for a "missing" Zondervan title

    Just an update to kind offering closure to this thread. I got the book and it looks good, but my quick perusal leads me to the opinion that we already have much of this in the Logos database and already at our fingertips in several useful forms. I'm sure with all the work that went into it there must be some interesting insights to add to Logos, but
    Posted to General by Ron Corbett on Thu, May 26 2016
  • Re: Replacement for a "missing" Zondervan title

    Thanks Colin, I haven't looked at that in a while. I have a hard copy of the Zondervan title coming and will be interested to compare the two. The title of the one is "Linguistic and Exegetical" while the other, "Grammatical Analysis". I will be curious to see the similarities / differences between them.
    Posted to General by Ron Corbett on Mon, May 16 2016
  • Replacement for a "missing" Zondervan title

    For the present, the New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament – October 14, 1998 by Cleon L. Rogers Jr. (Author), Cleon L. Rogers III (Author) is missing from Logos. I hope it will find its way into the offerings before too long. In the meanwhile ... is there within Logos' titles any other resources that are parallel to this? If
    Posted to General by Ron Corbett on Sun, May 15 2016
  • Re: Search a BIblical Text for Theological Themes

    These SEARCH helps are fantastic. And the resources suggested are also great. My 2 cents is: Get Logos Now - now. Huge help for this and other aspects of study
    Posted to General by Ron Corbett on Tue, May 10 2016
  • Vocabulary lists

    I tried to search for this but came up empty. I thought there was a way to generate wordlists - Greek (or Hebrew) vocabulary words which may be unique to a particular book. I can think of a procedure that might work but it involves a number of steps. Any ideas about how this might be done? [and word frequency lists too].
    Posted to General by Ron Corbett on Tue, May 10 2016
  • Re: Richars Hays - Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul

    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Mon, May 9 2016
  • Re: Bible Notes

    I don't know if this is the issue: to GO to the Scripture in a NOTE file, you have to [for a Mac] hold down the CMD key and click. Don't know the PC combination. You CAN however hoover over the verse and it generates a popup display of the verse.
    Posted to Suggestions by Ron Corbett on Mon, May 9 2016
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