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  • Re: Sugg: Keyboard shortcuts utilizing number keys

    This is terrific. I just learned about this feature today and I was thrilled (I too have made this suggestion in order to trace an argument). I'm also glad that Logos made the system customizable so that I can configure these markings the way I want to. Bravo! Thanks Logos. For me, however, rather than having a different color for each number, I've
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by Bruce Meyer on Thu, Feb 14 2013
  • Re: Engine download date?

    It would really be quite nice if we didn't need to rely upon tea leaves but upon some some revelation from the nice folks at Logos.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bruce Meyer on Mon, Jan 14 2013
  • Re: 4.6a ( available for download

    I'm also wondering how the personal book builder helps us with our sermons when the PBB files aren't available in the mobile devices. I can file them in Logos but they fail to show up where I need them most: on my Ipad right next to the text I'm preaching for a given service. It seems to me that the Logos software engineers have several good possibilities
    Posted to Logos 4 by Bruce Meyer on Fri, Nov 23 2012
  • Re: Stewart Custer

    The Jones family has eschewed theological systems for years (example: there is no exegetical system taught at the university either), so getting a prof to admit to a system like Calvinism or Arminianism is difficult, if not impossible, to do. I had several classes with Custer years ago and his positions are more toward the Calvinist end of the spectrum
    Posted to General by Bruce Meyer on Tue, Mar 20 2012
  • Re: Sermon File Ad-In

    Yep, count me. It is clunky to rely upon Logos 3 for this feature. So, please Logos engineers, hasten the programming a bit.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Bruce Meyer on Tue, Mar 1 2011
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