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  • Help requested - categorizing resources and viewing list of open books

    Hello, Thanks to those who answered my last post. Could you help again? Is there a way to view a list of books in my library by category? This would be helpful if I am researching a topic and decide that I need a dictionary, commentary or theology book, and do not have a specific title or preference, but would prefer to browse the titles in that category
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dorothy Hill on Wed, Sep 8 2010
  • Searching for a Topic

    Hello. I am a seminary student new to Logos for Mac and hoping for some guidance. I need to study topics like "the existence of God" and "inerrancy of the Bible." Can anyone give me guidance as to the best way to search these topics in Logos? How do I filter through the results to find the documents that actually speak to the topic in detail, rather
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dorothy Hill on Sat, Sep 4 2010
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