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  • Re: Additional Profile

    This doesn't work for reading plans but one thing I have done for my wife was to create her own "favorites" folder. She uses very few resources (mostly Sunday School and small-group lessons) so instead of doing big searches on her tablet, she drags and drops resources to favorites on her PC and then she can easily navigate her favorites on any device
    Posted to General by William on Mon, Jun 23 2014
  • Re: Seeking Recommendation for 1 hour "one-off" Bible Studies

    I really like the Max Lucado life lessons series. There are dozens of topical and bible based lessons at under $7 a book (usually 12 lesson per book). We use them for my Wed night studies and they easily fill an hour. Here is the first lesson from this book as a sample:
    Posted to General by William on Tue, Jun 10 2014
  • Re: Need a Resource Suggestion

    Dan and all, thank you for the great feedback. Didn't realize I had both IVPs until you mentioned it but they both have what I was looking for. I will also look into the others and even though it seems a bit pricey I'm pretty sure I will grab the Zondervan set too. Thanks again everyone! Bill
    Posted to General by William on Fri, May 9 2014
  • Need a Resource Suggestion

    Can anyone recommend a commentary that has resources more like a bible handbook? What I am looking for is a commentary or guide that focuses more on history, culture,background, etc. more than interpretation. Does anyone know of a resource like that? Bill
    Posted to General by William on Thu, May 8 2014
  • Re: Feedback on Bryan William's Bible Studies

    Kevin, I have the study on Matthew. I'ts okay but nothing special. Here is a lesson: STUDY TWO … Jesus probably delivered his Sermon on the Mount near Capernaum, a small fishing village on the north-west shore of the Sea of Galilee (see 8:1 and 8:5). A popular view is that the time was near the middle of A.D.28. A largely parallel account in Luke 6
    Posted to General by William on Tue, May 6 2014
  • Re: Organizing favorites on iOS

    Richard, I basically use favorites the way you do. On my PC I have a commentary tab and I will read through about 10-12 prioritized commentaries by clicking the right arrow button. The only way I know to read those commentaries in that same manner on my iPad is to go though each commentary and drag to favorites. What we really need is the use of parallel
    Posted to Old iOS Forum (research only) by William on Fri, May 2 2014
  • Re: Feedback: New Sermons Section in the SSG

    [quote user="Dave Hooton"]e.g. Fresh Sermons (Wilson), Selected Sermons of George Whitefield.[/quote] Whitfield shows up in mine with this update.
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by William on Wed, Apr 30 2014
  • Re: A Logos Bonding Moment

    [quote user="Lee"] Great story! But I'd confirm that with your daughter, if I were you! [/quote] No worries there, We have some great kids but they seem pretty oblivious to what's going on with mom and dad especially when it comes to software
    Posted to General by William on Sun, Apr 6 2014
  • A Logos Bonding Moment

    This weekend, I went with several men including my future son-in-law, from my church to the Stronger Men's conference. I've never spoken to my future son-in-law about Logos software but it was pretty neat that Logos was on-site and did a great 10 minute presentation (the presentation was geared towards laypeople, not ministers) to show the benefits
    Posted to General by William on Sun, Apr 6 2014
  • Re: Thinking of purchasing Wright's For Everyone Series?

    Thanks for the heads-up Mark. I've been waiting to get the "Everyone" series and your tip helped me save quite a bit. Thank you! :)
    Posted to Logos 5 by William on Sat, Apr 5 2014
  • Re: Using Clippings for Sermon Prep

    Tim, I do exactly the same thing. As I prepare a sermon, I usually spend 2 or 3 days clipping before I even start any type of note taking. One thing I have also been doing with clippings is I have been taking advantage of the notes section at the bottom of clippings and just add quick reference notes about that clipping, I have also been reordering
    Posted to General by William on Thu, Mar 27 2014
  • Web Page Viewer in Logos

    I don't know if this has ever been suggested before but I would love to see the ability to open a webpage in a logos tab. I use quite a few online resources in conjunction with Logos and I would love to be able to open a tab and view my webpage there. Anyone else interested in a feature like that?
    Posted to Suggestions by William on Sat, Mar 15 2014
  • Re: 5.2a Beta 6 ( available

    Just updated the beta and I have to say, this is the fastest (noticeably faster) I've seen Logos jumping between different layouts and resources. Not sure what changed but it's sweet!
    Posted to Logos Desktop Beta by William on Tue, Mar 11 2014
  • Re: Buying an iPad exclusively for Logos... questions

    Tristan, I use an iPad mini and find the performance is great as far as I am concerned especially page turns (not as snappy as kindle reader but not bad). I would be sure to get at least 32GB as I find that I am close to the edge of space with a 16GB iPad. One thing that helps on the iPad navigation wise is to really use the favorites on your desktop
    Posted to Old iOS Forum (research only) by William on Tue, Mar 11 2014
  • Re: Huge encyclopaedia: The Dictionary of Christianity and the Bible

    Mark, thanks so much for this. I don't think I have ever been so impatient waiting for a personal book to compile.
    Posted to Files by William on Sat, Mar 8 2014
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