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  • Re: Catch the Augustine sale this month

    The OP is a model of what a really good post can be - informative, product-focused, practical, useful, positive. I commend him for taking the time to share it with us. The man deserves a voucher from Faithlife - He's probably boosted Logos/Verbum cross-platform sales by thousands in one day.
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Sat, Jun 5 2021
  • Re: Once again, Black Friday sale does not grey out "Add to cart" buttons for resources we own

    Yep - this is a real annoyance and a time waster.
    Posted to by Sam Henderson on Tue, Nov 17 2020
  • Free public conference on recent studies in the archaeology and history of Ancient Israel

    Courtesy of NYU Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies - online virtual lectures/sessions presented by a number of respected scholars published in Logos (Amihai Mazar, Carol Meyers, Jodi Magness, Lawrence Schiffman) along with heaps of others (including Israel Finkelstein and Eric Cline). Delivered live 25-28 October (New York day-time) or
    Posted to Logos 8 by Sam Henderson on Tue, Oct 6 2020
  • Re: women ancient world

    There is also some eye opening stuff on gender roles, marriage practices, divorce, inheritance, dowry, bride price, etc in this:
    Posted to Logos 8 by Sam Henderson on Sun, Jul 19 2020
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls in Recent Scholarship: A Public Conference, May 17 - 20, 2020

    This looks really interesting (if rather specialized). It's virtual and it's free but it requires registration at the website below. Several of the big names speaking here are available in Logos titles (Tov, Schiffman, VanderKam, Magnes, Sidnie White Crawford, perhaps others) and the information would be really up to date. I believe you have to attend
    Posted to Logos 8 by Sam Henderson on Tue, May 12 2020
  • Re: Carta for REAL No Joke

    Bruce - I can't speak for Denise, but I've wanted a copy of the Onomasticon in Logos for quite a while now. To see why, just do a search on "Onomasticon" in the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary and see how long it takes you to plow through the reference hits in just the entries that start with the letters "A" and "B". My understanding is that the Onomasticon
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Fri, Apr 10 2020
  • Re: The Kingdom of God

    Nobody ever beat Clarence Larkin for dramatic Premil charts and schematics.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Sam Henderson on Thu, Nov 7 2019
  • Re: Anchor Bible Dictionary

    I've been using it for some years now and I find it indispensable. It's never come up short on a Bible-related enquiry - sometimes overly detailed for a brief information search - but always academically sound without reverting to the Evangelical party line as the more conservative ISBE often does. It occupies a permanent window in all my Logos layout
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Fri, Oct 18 2019
  • Re: How can view only courses that I own in the Courses Tool?

    I too find the listings menu confusing. However, if I open up the "Category" tab in the left hand panel and click on "Courseware", Then ensure that " Available " is the only tab displaying titles in the left hand panel under the panel heading ( "All > x Courseware"), then the 19 courses that I own are the only courses on display. Sorry I couldn't
    Posted to Logos 8 by Sam Henderson on Fri, Feb 1 2019
  • Re: Problem with BECNT 1-3 John by Yarbough

    The problem doesn't exist on my copy running under Windows 10 on an HP notebook. The same table is clean and formatted perfectly. Is it possible that its being caused by a filter of some sort you may have running?
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Fri, Feb 1 2019
  • Re: Duplicate Joshua (TOTC)

    It's nothing to do with indexing and I doubt it's anything to do with new editions - I have three listings for for the Leviticus TOTC - one of the Sklar and 2 of the R.K. Harrison. If you have a look at the file names for the duplicate books, the 2016 one has a "US" added on the end of the file name - it's a US edition rather than (I assume) a UK edition
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Fri, Feb 1 2019
  • Re: Duplicate Joshua (TOTC)

    I have the same thing, but the duplicates are across the whole of the TOTC and TNTC collection. I originally bought the commentary set on an IVP CD really cheap from a Christian bookshop in Australia in the days when Logos products could be bought from independent retailers. Then I upgraded the whole set to obtain several new or updated volumes by purchasing
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Thu, Jan 31 2019
  • Re: Questions/Suggestions for NT Antiquity

    My two copies of the Muphy-O'Conor books are both made of paper, card and glue. The volume on Corinth is most thumbed one - a bit controversial in places, but some terrific insights into problematic aspects of the Corinthian correspondence. I visited the Old Corinth archaeological site after reading it, and felt like a homeboy returning to his old haunts
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Fri, Sep 7 2018
  • Re: Questions/Suggestions for NT Antiquity

    Sadly not available in Logos, Jerome Murphy-O'Connor's St Paul's Ephesus is pretty good. He begins by combing the ancient literature for every significant reference to Ephesus, offering excerpts and commentary on each. The second part of the book takes you on a walk through Ephesus the way Paul would have experienced it, then works though all the issues
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Tue, Sep 4 2018
  • Re: Aristotle has made it :-)

    [quote user="Mark"]What is the difference[/quote]? Loeb = Different translators, more recent translations, standard reference for academic discussions that need to quote English translations.
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Sat, Mar 17 2018

    Graham hit Australia in 1959. Aussies fell in love with his film star looks and celebrity status and came to hear him in droves. His 1959 Melbourne crusade still holds the record for the largest ever audience at Australia's premier sports stadium, the MCG (130,000). The impact of those huge events was as much in the mobilization of local churches -
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Wed, Feb 21 2018
  • Re: Richard B. Hays "Echoes of Scripture"

    Posted to Suggestions by Sam Henderson on Mon, Jan 15 2018
  • Re: Books on Economy, Women & Children during Jesus time??

    I know I'm coming late to this dialogue- too late to be any use to the OP, but I can't let a discussion like this go without recommending Jonathon Reed's Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: A Re-Examination of the Evidence (
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Sat, Dec 9 2017
  • Wrong sample pages for today's Daily Deal

    If you're interested by today's half-price Twitter Daily Deal: but you don't like the look of the sample pages (including the contents page) offered
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Sat, Aug 19 2017
  • Re: Search for travel times between biblical locations?

    Why oh why don't we have the Onomasticon as a resource in Logos! This text has been discussed and suggested in the forums before.
    Posted to General by Sam Henderson on Mon, Mar 27 2017
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