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  • Re: Bible app on Blackberry crashes

    Hi, I'm experiencing the same on a Blackberry Passport. I appreciate that there's no official support for Blackberry but if it's possible to provide an APK for the previous version of logos, that would be so much appreciated! The version of Android supported on a Blackberry is (I think) up to 4.3.3. Thanks Richard
    Posted to Android Apps by Richard Hodges on Tue, Mar 7 2017
  • No Notes or Highlight Sync

    Hi, Has someone got a fix for this? My notes on my Android device suddenly aren't syncing, either from my Windows Laptop, or to it. However, if I create any new highlight styles, they are appearing on my Android device. I'm perplexed! Thanks
    Posted to Android Apps by Richard Hodges on Sun, Sep 16 2012
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