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  • Re: PBB Lectionary question

    You know what, I think I was running into issues with OneDrive not syncing correctly. When I looked carefully at the book Logos built, it didn't have any of the changes I made to it yesterday. I was only looking for the milestone change, and it just made sense that I was doing that wrong. Didn't occur to me that it was my software and not me being the
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Nov 12 2014
  • Re: PBB Lectionary question

    I'm having trouble setting up RCL milestones in my sermon file. Can you point out what I'm doing wrong? I put links to the RCL entry for each day at the start of each sermon's body, but I'd like to use the milestones, too. Here's an example of what I tried, that didn't work: “The Process of Purification” [[@RCLCalendar:Adv 2 Sun C]] Sermon File Type
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Nov 11 2014
  • Re: PBB Lectionary question

    How does this new tag work in a library? Are RCL-based resources now tagged with the correct lectionary milestones? Can a library be searched for all resources that reference a particular lectionary date? Can this be used in notes or other documents?
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Nov 5 2014
  • Re: Feasting on the Word formatting

    Got the updated files tonight. Thanks, Logos, for the snappy response on this!
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Jun 11 2013
  • Re: Feasting on the Word formatting

    Another comparison - the number of "page turns" required to read the articles for this particular entry: Print: 2 Laptop: 11 Tablet: 20
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Wed, May 15 2013
  • Feasting on the Word formatting

    I'm very excited to, at long last, have Feasting on the Word in my Logos library! I wonder, though, whether this isn't a case where the digital edition needs to be formatted differently from the print one? For those who are not familiar with it, Feasting uses a slightly unusual format for its commentary. From the introduction: "With four different essays
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Wed, May 15 2013
  • Display Bible text referenced in homepage excerpts

    I enjoy the excerpts featured on my homepage in Logos. Sometimes they surprise me. Sometimes they introduce me to a great resource I have previously overlooked. Sometimes (and I haven't quite figured out when or why) they seem to be connected to this week's lectionary readings. They're a nice feature. Here' s my request: When an excerpt is referring
    Posted to Suggestions by Bob Schaefer on Sat, Feb 2 2013
  • Re: Window 8 smart phone

    Hi, Jim... Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are separate (but related) platforms. The appearance of a Windows 8 app is encouraging, and suggests that Windows Phone users might see an app in the future. Two caveats: The Windows 8 app is still quite slow, buggy and rudimentary. I find it unusable. I would almost rather Logos have nothing in the app store
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Bob Schaefer on Fri, Dec 28 2012
  • Re: Windows Phone 7!

    I've been begging for this for a while. The WP Market is full of Bible apps, and essentially all of them are junk. (Really, how many low-rent, roll-your-own, KJV/NAS Bible apps does a platform need?) None of the major players in Bible software have moved publicly to support WP, much to my chagrin. I'm heavily invested in Logos, and l love the Logos
    Posted to Logos 9 Web App by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Dec 18 2012
  • Re: When will the L5 free engine come out?

    I think I felt my brain melt just now.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Nov 15 2012
  • Re: Anybody use their android tablet to preach?

    I've been using my HP TouchPad at worship for the better part of a year now. Most recently, I've been using Android on it rather than WebOS, because of the Logos app. Since I come from a liturgical tradition, I have quite a few PDF documents open in multiple tabs on Sunday morning: The bulletin (order of service), exported from Word. The full text and
    Posted to Old Android Forum (research only) by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Nov 14 2012
  • Re: Incomplete Grammatical Relationships in BWS

    I managed to surprise Mo by not having OpenText in my library. Apparently none of the various packages I've worked my way through, up to and including L5 Gold, include it. I was just about the only person in the room at Camp 2 who was not able to follow along on my own computer when the syntactical study was demonstrated.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Nov 14 2012
  • Re: Incomplete Grammatical Relationships in BWS

    Whoops - my GR does cover Lk 7:39, but is indicating that τίς is the word being modified. This still doesn't seem right to me, but I admit that I'm still green when it comes to language study. The sentence is: Οὗτος εἰ ἦν προφήτης, ἐγίνωσκεν ἂν τίς καὶ ποταπὴ ἡ γυνὴ ἥτις ἅπτεται αὐτοῦ, ὅτι ἁμαρτωλός ἐστιν. Aren't τίς and ποταπὴ both modifying ἡ γυνὴ
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Nov 14 2012
  • Incomplete Grammatical Relationships in BWS

    At Camp Logos 2 last week, I upgraded to the new L5 Gold base package. I had not had access to the syntactical databases prior to this, so it was exciting to discover the Grammatical Relationships section of the BWS when Mo demonstrated it. Strangely, my results seem to be incomplete. Mo's Grammatical Relationships section showed several more instances
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bob Schaefer on Wed, Nov 14 2012
  • Clause search a LN range?

    Very cool that the new clause search can use Louw Nida semantic numbers for verbs. Can it search a LN range, though? I haven't found a way to include, say, LN 25.* or LN 25.1-4. Since the point of semantic domains is to group words with similar meanings together, it would make sense to be able to search by more than just a single LN number.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Bob Schaefer on Sun, Nov 11 2012
  • Mobile reading plans

    Created a reading plan today using Logos. Since my phone is always with me, I intended to use it for the bulk of my reading sessions. I'm a very happy user of Windows Phone - a platform that Logos has neglected thusfar. No problem, though, right? Biblia is there for those of us who haven't been graced with a native app. And it supports reading plans
    Posted to by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Oct 23 2012
  • Re: New Interpreter's Bible (12 Vols.) - Pre-Publication Examples

    I'm simultaneously eager to order this resource, and reluctant to do it this way. Here's the thing: However reasonable the asking price may be, it's still a lot of money for most folks. In my compensation package, I have a $200 budget for buying books each year. I've got another $400 for "professional expenses" that I could maybe get away with using
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Aug 21 2012

    +1 for the Reformation Commentary on Scripture !
    Posted to Suggestions by Bob Schaefer on Mon, Jul 9 2012
  • Re: Missing: Sermon File Addon

    I share in the frustration I'm hearing from so many in this thread. I purchased the original SFA after I had already upgraded to L4. This was largely based on the promise that an L4 version was on the way. I figured it wouldn't be too bad to manage the sermons with L3 for a little while until Logos was able to get the an L4 version out to us. It was
    Posted to Suggestions by Bob Schaefer on Tue, Jan 3 2012
  • Reformation Commentary on Scripture

    I got a mailing from IVP this week promoting its upcoming series, The Reformation Commentary on Scripture . Since this is a companion series to the already-released Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture , which is (*drool*) available in Logos form, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of plans for this new series to be published for Logos? I bought
    Posted to General by Bob Schaefer on Thu, Aug 18 2011
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