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  • Re: Faithlife Free Book (BOTM) - January has disappeared.

    [quote user="Erwin Stull, Sr."] For some reason, I no longer see this in my library. I have joined the group (late December or early January), and did once have the temporary license, but I see no sign of it now. Any ideas? [/quote]Same here
    Posted to General by tom on Mon, Feb 1 2016
  • Re: The New Revised Standard Version

    [quote user="Norman Nicoll"] Can someone explain why my "The New Revised Standard Version" does not have verses in very many of the chapters throughout? [/quote] Hi Norman, I am wondering if this web page answers your question:
    Posted to General by tom on Sun, Apr 26 2015
  • Re: Un-priced books showing up in search results on website.

    [quote user="Mark Barnes"] I agree. It's made worse by the fact they're marked as "Live", when in fact they're not "Live" at all. [/quote]
    Posted to General by tom on Mon, Feb 16 2015
  • Re: Logos 6

    [quote user="Toby Bowman"] I tried opening my Logos 6 from the house this weekend. I could not open it. Are you required to have a internet connection to use the software? I know you need one to install updates, books ect, but what about general studying with out a connection? [/quote]kind of. You can run L6 off-line, and it will prompt you for this
    Posted to General by tom on Mon, Feb 16 2015
  • Re: How do I convert Kindle eBooks to Logos 6 Library?

    [quote user="Andrew Pecaut"] I'm just wondering if there is an easy and legal way to convert my Kindle eBooks to my LOGOS 6 library, or Personal Books? [/quote]Hi Andrew And welcome to the forums. Is there a way, yes. Is there an easy legal way...not that I know of.
    Posted to Logos 6 by tom on Thu, Feb 12 2015
  • Re: Joel Olsteen's sermon archive, PLEASE

    [quote user="Kent"] We have been here before. Nevertheless, should we call out those whom we feel pervert the Word of God? Or should we extend grace and let false teachings go unchallenged? [/quote]Not here. Because everyone can be called out for perverting the Word of God by someone else here.
    Posted to Suggestions by tom on Sun, Jan 4 2015
  • Re: Import Notes (.lbxnot) on Windows 8

    [quote user="Doug Domeny"] Worked great! Thanks! I have my notes back. [/quote] Glad that I could be of some help. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Posted to Logos 5 by tom on Wed, Dec 17 2014
  • Re: Import Notes (.lbxnot) on Windows 8

    [quote user="Doug Domeny"] How can I import notes from older Logos software (.lbxnot files)? The online help points to a custom toolbar for Libronix, but not Logos 5 I'm running Windows 8. [/quote]You are correct, the online help points to a custom toolbar for L3, and this toolbar updates the note files to be able to be imported into L5/6. Your old
    Posted to Logos 5 by tom on Tue, Dec 16 2014
  • Re: Who has gained from the changes of Maps in Logos 6?

    [quote user="Tes"]gained [/quote]Hi Tes, I am wondering what you mean by 'gained.' I personally am confused by the term gain in this context. I am use to seeing 'gain' being used as a measure for amplitude. Thanks
    Posted to Logos 6 by tom on Fri, Dec 12 2014
  • Re: Prioritizing commentaries from

    [quote user="Rosie Perera"] I haven't spent much time prioritizing commentaries, but I think it's time to do that. I would like to have a better order of commentaries for my Passage Guides. I'm considering setting up my default prioritizations based on the top 5-10 commentaries (that I own) for each book of the Bible as listed on
    Posted to Logos 6 by tom on Wed, Dec 10 2014
  • Re: SUGGESTION: Don't Treat Clippings Like Notes

    [quote user="Doc B"] When I change the default font setting for notes, it also changes for Clippings. But Clippings aren't notes...they are clippings. In other words, I generate the content of notes, but the content of clippings comes from the original resource. The Clippings should look like the original; the font should be the same as the one for
    Posted to Logos 6 by tom on Thu, Nov 20 2014
  • Re: Confused by Faithlife ... still

    [quote user="David Taylor Jr"]it is going to take a lot for it to be adopted as another major social network.[/quote]I simply do not see it happening. Too many people are already overloaded with social networks. Even google+ users are only spending 3.5 minutes a month on google+ according to wikipedia.
    Posted to / Faithlife Church Platform by tom on Wed, Oct 22 2014
  • Re: Christians in San Antonio TX?

    Because Faithlife doesn't get used much outside of the Logos/Faithlife community. There was a posting by Faithlife (Logos) after they created the Faithlife social media website on how the number of users using the site was disappointing. While I think the site might be used more now that it has been out for a few years now, I still believe that it is
    Posted to General by tom on Mon, Oct 20 2014
  • Re: Master Journal Bundle (1001 vols.) No Dynamic Pricing

    [quote user="Phil Gons"]It's on our wishlist.[/quote] Hi Phil, since you are taking request for journals, I would like to add my two cents. Good Preacher produced by Luther Seminary: Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality produced by The Johns Hopkins University Press:
    Posted to General by tom on Wed, Oct 8 2014
  • Re: Jesus in the O.T... Commentary

    [quote user="Allen Browne"] Steve, you've got several good answers, and here's another twist for you to consider. If you come at this same question from the other direction, you ask, How should I read the Jesus story in the light of the OT, as the appropriate fulfillment of that narrative? To come at it that way, you might enjoy something like N T Wright
    Posted to General by tom on Tue, Aug 26 2014
  • Re: Sermon File Addin?

    [quote user="Oliver"] The thing is though, that I had Libronix and the Sermon File Addin running on the exact same machine with Win 7. Then re-installed Win 7 and Libronx and now receive the error message. So I hope I can get it to run again. Are you receiving the same error message as I, SteveF? [/quote]I stopped using the SFA about a month after purchasing
    Posted to General by tom on Thu, Jul 31 2014
  • Re: Linking a note to a whole chapter

    [quote user="Scott Groethe"] I have an update to the previous post No Logos staff person has addressed this yet : ) here is something in addition to that Adding a note to Exo 21.1 (the reference not the selection) added it to all versions I noticed except MSG - it's as if verse 1 doesn't exist in the MSG. If you highlight a word or phrase within verse
    Posted to Logos 4 by tom on Thu, Jul 17 2014
  • Re: datasets

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"]Core datasets doesn't provide all the tools and datasets. It is missing Clause Search and the Bible Sense Lexicon as per [/quote]thanks, i didn't catch that.
    Posted to Logos 5 by tom on Thu, Jul 17 2014
  • Re: datasets

    To get all of the tools in L5, you will need the L4 minimal crossgrade and the L5 core datasets . this will give you the datasets you will need for all of the tools in L5.
    Posted to Logos 5 by tom on Wed, Jul 16 2014
  • Re: Notes

    fyi... and this has been something that users have been asking for a very long time now.
    Posted to General by tom on Wed, Jul 16 2014
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