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  • layout question

    i'm a new logos user and have been mainly using the home page look-up and default layout for reading. i saw a video where the instructor selects a book from the library at the home page, and it opens alone in the reading screen and i wanted to try that. so i open a book, and it loads in the bible section of the default layout screen, and i have to clik
    Posted to Logos 4 by Steve Dodd on Thu, Feb 17 2011
  • ITouch app, apologetics bible Q

    Hey, I'm reading an article in the Apologetics study bible and there are highlighted references, when I point at those references they display the notes from the apologetics study bible, and not the reference that is highlighted. Is there something I can do to fix this where the biblical text references will pop-up with the biblical text and not study
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Steve Dodd on Tue, Jan 18 2011
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