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  • POSB (Preacher's Outline & Sermon Bible) - still in Pre-Pub . . .

    Come on people! Let's see if we can get this amazing sermon prep resource out of Pre-pub status and into production! PS: If you don't know what the Preacher's Outline & Sermon Bible is, check out Leadership Ministries Worldwide's YouTube video explaining what it is and how to use it in preparing expository sermons - (made for the print version - but
    Posted to Logos 6 by Stein Dahl on Thu, Feb 12 2015
  • Re: PROBLEM with Expositors Bible Commentary - Abridged Edition

    Thanks Ted, (and everyone who responded) It basically confirms what I suspected - that there is something wrong with those links in the EBC NT Abridged Edition. I'm actually not in need of any information regarding leprosy, which was the subject of the link. I just chose that link at random and found that it didn't work properly. And I am also aware
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stein Dahl on Mon, May 7 2012
  • Exporting to Word (Precept marking)

    I have a question. Is it possible to export Bible text that has been marked up (i.e; Precept marking & highlighting) to Microsoft Word - including the mark ups? I have a Logos 5 Gold Library - upgraded to Logos 6 engine - and have added a Logos Now subscription so that I have all the features of Logos 7. When I export Bible text to Word - any marking
    Posted to General by Stein Dahl on Mon, Mar 13 2017
  • SUGGESTION for Logos Now - Corresponding Words Visual Filter

    Hello, In Logos Now - in the " Corresponding Words " visual filter . . . It would be really great if when you click on a word - (to see all the instances of that word) - once the repeated words are highlighted - if you could right click on one of the highlighted words and have the pop-up menu display how many times that word appears in the current verse
    Posted to Logos Now by Stein Dahl on Mon, Nov 30 2015
  • Anyone heard of the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible by AMG Publishers?

    Anyone ever heard of the Hebrew-Greek KEY WORD STUDY BIBLE by AMG Publishers ? SUGGESTION: Please consider acquiring rights to produce this resource digitally and make it available in Logos Bible Software. This looks like a pretty neat study bible. What I like about it is that it emphasizes and highlights the most important keywords throughout the scripture
    Posted to Suggestions by Stein Dahl on Sun, Dec 13 2015
  • Re: Anyone heard of the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible by AMG Publishers?

    Yes, I have both of those resources already - in both my Logos and WORDsearch Libraries. But this is something different. It's a study Bible that identifies, for the reader, the main Key Words right in the text of the scripture. I think this would be awesome in Logos Here is a link to a video from AMG: And see this picture sample:
    Posted to Suggestions by Stein Dahl on Mon, Dec 14 2015
  • Updated Logos on iPad - now I can't access my books!

    Just updated Logos on my iPad Air 2 and now my library won't load at all - and it can't download any of my books to the device. HELP!
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Stein Dahl on Tue, Oct 28 2014
  • Re: New Feature: Propositional Outlines

    I was playing around with the Interactive Psalms Explorer and that is so cool. A visual way of discovering just what you're looking for. This tool would also be very useful if it could be expanded to the entire Bible. Not sure if that;'s even possible - but I can hope! :)
    Posted to Logos 6 by Stein Dahl on Tue, Oct 28 2014
  • Question about Visual Copy . . .

    Does anyone know if there is a way to format the text in Visual Copy? I can't seem to do this. Occasionally it's nice to be able to make some words bold for emphasis. Stuff like that. Just wondering if there's a way.
    Posted to Logos 6 by Stein Dahl on Sat, Nov 8 2014
  • Re: Do I understand?

    So - okay - first of all I am a Logos Now subscriber. In other words, I purchased the Logos 5 Gold package, and then I "cross-graded" up to get all the features of Logos 6, then I purchased a Logos Now subscription - so I have all the "features" of Logos 7 - but only using the library of books I got when I purchased my Logos 5 Gold package. That's how
    Posted to Logos 7 by Stein Dahl on Fri, Aug 26 2016
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