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  • Imperatives in the Hebrew Bible

    I want to do a search in the BHS for two imperatives that are syndetically bound (< imp. – w.imp >). There may be a few elements in between these verbs (e.g. the -nā particle, prepositional phrases, etc.), although preferably not. In any case, there may be no verbs in between. I have the Biblical Languages module, but please note that I
    Posted to Logos 8 by Bram Oudenampsen on Thu, May 23 2019
  • Morph search: Energic Nun / Nun energicum

    I would like to search for all the instances of the nun energicum in the Hebrew Bible. However, when I do a Morph Search, I can't select this particular suffix. Could someone help me on this matter, please?
    Posted to General by Bram Oudenampsen on Wed, Aug 16 2017
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