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  • Revised Version Bible (Revised English Version) 1881

    I have been trying to find The Revised Version of the Bible / New Testament on Logos but with no success. It remains the only official revision to the King James Version - See "Revised Version Bible" in Wikipedia. The New Testament was published in 1881 and the Old Testament was completed in 1885. Does anyone know why Logos does not carry it? Or how
    Posted to Reformed Products by Gary Whitfield on Sat, Nov 2 2019
  • Re: Unable to Download Application on HTC Incredible 2 (Verizon)

    I also have an HTC EVO (sprint) and starts the download but just leaves me in limbo - nothing after that.
    Posted to Android Apps by Gary Whitfield on Wed, Jul 6 2011
  • Re: Newbies!!

    Hi I'm Gary. This is my first time posting to the forum but I have been a Logos user for about 4 years. I have a question concerning the Personal Book Builder - Is there a time frame for when it might be completed? Nothing comes before the Word of God and our personal time with God. That has to be first in our lives. The software is only as good as
    Posted to General by Gary Whitfield on Wed, Aug 11 2010
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