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  • Re: Wine - Logos 8

    Linux distributions routinely include Grub for multiboot installations. You might consider a dual boot installation so that you can boot into windows to run Logos, and boot into Linux for all of your other wants/needs. It has the benefit of being a clean and easy solution, and the liability of not providing all your tools in the same box.
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Thu, Mar 26 2020
  • Re: Logos on SSD

    Everyone has covered the basics of why a SSD is superior to a HDD, but here's a little more information to help folks make a data based decision. The SSD's connection type matters (A LOT) when it comes to speed. A SSD that plugs into a SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Advancement) port will be dramatically slower than a SSD designed to attach to the
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Thu, Jan 9 2020
  • Re: Help - can a Faithlife Study Bible Video be exported?

    Jordan, I also asked here in the forums for help exporting one of the FL videos for use in a powerpoint presentation a few months back. One of the helpful FL devs gave me a link to download it. I'm sure they'll help you in the same way. Alternately, if you have access to a video screengrab utility (I use Camtasia these days), you can DIY provided you
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Thu, Nov 28 2019
  • Re: Highlights in NOTES, revisited

    Graham, Thanks for your suggestion (I did see it earlier when researching a fix, but didn't follow up before being distracted by the next pretty butter to chase. I'll give it a try right now. BTW, I, like many others, appreciate your frequent and informative posts!
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Tue, Oct 29 2019
  • Highlights in NOTES, revisited

    Good morning Faithlife and fellow Logos 8 Notes users. This is an edit to my original rant about which notebook(s) my highlights were stored in. As you'll read in Graham's note below there is a simple solution for determining where a highlight is stored. Thanks to FL for resolving the issue, to Graham for articulating succinctly what to do, and to all
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Tue, Oct 29 2019
  • Re: Old Libronix Logos 3

    call customer support and tell them what happened. If I recall correctly, they have provided a link in the past for L3 users to download it from.... on the other hand... L3 i no longer supported.... anyway, give them a call and they can point you in the right direction.
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Fri, Jul 26 2019
  • Re: Suggestion: Offer PayPal or Apple Pay as Payment Methods

    Outstanding suggestion!
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Mon, Jul 8 2019
  • Re: Value of BDAG/HALOT for non-Greek/Hebrew trained User

    I bought them a couple of years ago because the hype surrounding them (especially BDAG) was so overwhelmingly positive. I don't exactly regret buying them.... because they are useful to a degree.... but not so compelling that I'd buy again knowing then what I have experienced since the purchase.
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Sat, Jun 29 2019
  • Re: PowerPoint in Notes View & L8 Courseware Video

    Charley, I add a hearty "Amen", and hope that Faithlife will both explain how to do it, and simplify the methodology for incorporating courseware video in PPT.
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Thu, May 30 2019
  • Calendar events in the mobile app

    Today I noticed that a calendar event (see below) started showing up in my ESV Bible: For clarity, I'm referring to the light blue text "Kingdom Warrior Prayer E..." to the right of the calendar's "24 icon" at the bottom. Traversing Settings doesn't reveal a way to remove it. tapping on it, and even adding it to google calendar doesn't make it go away
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Sun, Apr 28 2019
  • Re: Reading Books in my Logos Library -- Kindle? Other Options?

    In 2016, Mark Barnes documented the process for using Amazon's Send to Kindle application for getting your Logos books into Kindle. Personally, I use a free application called Calibre to do the job.
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Fri, Apr 26 2019
  • Re: Gear acquisition syndrome?

    While everyone else seems to have focused on the acquisition of more resources for their libraries, I took your meaning to be more along the lines of being hardware related: A laptop for mobile reading/studying, a SmartPhone for when a laptop isn't quite mobile enough, a tablet when a phone isn't quite large enough but a laptop is to much trouble, and
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Tue, Mar 12 2019
  • Re: My Mother has Cancer. Please pray.

    Great God of the universe, miraculous healer, and worker of miracles; we humbly bring Chris and his mother before you asking that in Your overwhelming mercy and kindness... heal her and give comforting reassurance to Chris. Lord, we both rely upon you and trust you to bring resolution to this crisis in a manner that brings glory to, and magnifies Your
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Sat, Feb 23 2019
  • Re: Help Laptop drive upgrade

    1. Go SSD vs hybrid for all the reasons everyone has piled on above, and a 1TB SSD is relatively inexpensive. Trust us: buy once, cry once. 2. There is a TREMENDOUS difference in read/write times between SATA and NvME SSD drives. If your laptop has an M.2 NvME slot, buy one of these because they are so much (SO much!) faster than a SATA SSD. If your
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Thu, Feb 21 2019
  • Re: Study Hacks

    If only we had a font that was both difficult to read and blocked the ability to forget.... we'd name it SANSFORGETICA ....
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Thu, Jan 24 2019
  • Re: BUG: ESV "Read Aloud"

    [quote user="Rodney Phillips"] .... I even thought maybe they fixed it. If they did not, I am not sure why all the sudden its working for me. [/quote] Rodney, Congratulations on being one of the fortunate ones.... but to ensure that you are "fixed", why not try a few chapters in the NT vs. OT (which is where I'm currently having difficulty). It is common
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Brother Mark on Thu, Jan 17 2019
  • Re: BUG: ESV "Read Aloud"

    [quote user="Philana R. Crouch"] We have a case open for this. I've added these threads to the case. [/quote] While the faithful rejoice at Faithlife's diligence in opening a case for the ESV Read Aloud bug, It is beyond frustrating that the bug persists for a quarter of a year without resolution. I'm not saying that the issue is languishing in a dusty
    Posted to Logos 8 Desktop App by Brother Mark on Wed, Jan 16 2019
  • Learning Greek with bad seasonal puns

    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Mon, Dec 10 2018
  • Logos 9 !!!

    Given the success of L8, pretentious Brother Mark eagerly awaits the imminent release of Logos 9. Also, satirical Brother Mark anticipates the global release of L9 on Black Friday, Nov 23, 2018. Grateful Brother Mark expresses thankfulness in advance, and anticipates loquacious Bob's reply. /HumorOff
    Posted to General by Brother Mark on Tue, Nov 20 2018
  • Re: Notes in Android (Mobile) app kinda broken

    Roy, Thanks for the response! I'm using a Samsung Note 8 and the app is Version 8.0.0 (Build 800001521)
    Posted to Logos Notes by Brother Mark on Thu, Nov 8 2018
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