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  • Re: Comparison - Adobe Reader 11 vs. Word 2013 converting PDF files

    I appreciate your work in investigating the differences between these two options. The only question I have is simply, how you actually do the conversion to Word with Office 13? I'm using a Mac with OS X Maverick 10.9.5. Thank you! Titus
    Posted to Files by Titus Carpenter on Sat, Nov 29 2014
  • Re: Williams' Hebrew Syntax 3rd Ed.

    It is a required resource for my seminary and I too would like to have the ability to cross reference BHS, Holladay, and Gesenius' (all three of which are on Logos), with this one. Thank you for considering this!
    Posted to Suggestions by Titus Carpenter on Mon, Nov 18 2013
  • Re: Perseus Collections Excel File

    Greg, Yes I understand the busy life dilemma....hence late nights with less sleep, but hopefully I'll buy less massive collections that require immense times of concentration to catalog! I actually did more thinking about my own cataloging system and decided not to include ISBN numbers. That decision was later confirmed by your reply that there aren
    Posted to General by Titus Carpenter on Tue, Jun 19 2012
  • Re: Perseus Collections Excel File

    Hi Greg! Thank you so much for sharing your work on your full library listing of ISBNs. Any chance you've taken the time to add the ISBN numbers for your Perseus collection yet? Don't want to be a lazy bum, but if you've already taken the time to type them in and you're willing to share, it'd be nice to benefit from your work! Thank you again for the
    Posted to General by Titus Carpenter on Sun, Jun 17 2012
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