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  • Re: Factbook not syncing with link set

    That's likely the problem. I have some Bibles, the passage guide and the Bible word study open but no dictionaries. I checked in the help resource but as in most cases, it isn't much use. Thanks.
    Posted to Logos 7 by on Sat, Sep 24 2016
  • Factbook not syncing with link set

    The link set feature is something I use constantly and it works well. However, when I set the link set indicator to "A" on the Factbook tab, it doesn't sync. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Thanks!
    Posted to Logos 7 by on Sat, Sep 24 2016
  • Re: Flawed Boolean Logic in Logos 6

    [quote user="Philana R. Crouch"]This is now fixed in 6.14 Beta 2[/quote] Thank you! For those of us who are used to search engines that use full Boolean logic, this will provide significantly more flexibility when searching.
    Posted to General by on Tue, Jul 26 2016
  • Re: Serious Issues with Revelation: Four Views, A Parallel Commentary

    [quote user="Joseph Turner"]The first is that it has no page numbers. [/quote] Is this an issue that comes up in the footnotes when you cut and paste? The only time that I worry about page numbers is for footnotes and the automatic footnoting when you cut and paste out of Logos always quotes the page number in my experience.
    Posted to General by on Thu, Jul 7 2016
  • Re: Print/Export under OS X

    [quote user="alabama24"]It worked flawlessly for me.[/quote] OK... it works so how do I find out why it is not working on my machine?
    Posted to Logos 6 by on Fri, Jun 17 2016
  • Print/Export under OS X

    I'm currently running OS X 10.11.5 and tried for the first time to export part of a book to Word using the Print/Export screen. This didn't work. MS Word opened and a blank document appeared by nothing else. I tried exporting to an RTF file and importing it to MS Word but that did not work either. Neither Word or Evernote could open the file. I also
    Posted to Logos 6 by on Thu, Jun 16 2016
  • Re: What Are Your Favorite / Most Useful Resources?

    I agree with most of the above but am surprised that no one has mentioned the Tim Keller sermon archive. It's right up there with John Piper.
    Posted to General by on Wed, May 25 2016
  • Re: Timothy Keller Collection has Downloaded!

    I am almost finished Keller's book on Prayer and it is affecting me profoundly. I would highly recommend it.
    Posted to General by on Wed, May 11 2016
  • Re: No longer possible to send books to Kindle?

    [quote user="alabama24"]The tool will still be in the software until users update to the next version (currently in beta), which will remove the tool.[/quote] While the tool is still "there", it's functionality appears to be gone, i.e. it says "Kindle upload in progress" but it doesn't actually upload the book. I agree that this is something that we
    Posted to General by on Fri, Apr 1 2016
  • Re: iPad not syncing highlights

    [quote user="Kevin Byford (Faithlife)"]Which Note document was used and which resource/verse were highlighted? Also, did you check the last page of that document on since newer notes are added to the end of the document?[/quote] I was highlighting using a custom palette - Rod's highlights - in the NLT Bible. In
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by on Thu, Mar 31 2016
  • Re: iPad not syncing highlights

    I am having a similar problem. Highlights made yesterday did not sync to the server. They are on my iPad but i have looked at the server doc and it was not updated with the highlights from yesterday.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by on Tue, Mar 29 2016
  • Re: Life after "Send to Kindle" retires

    [quote user="Mark Barnes"]I'm actually glad Logos are turning off the Send to Kindle service[/quote] Huge disagreement with this statement... I have a lot of money invested in Kindle books generally so am EXTREMELY disappointed in Logos discontinuing their service. Your post only serves to help Logos justify to themselves what I think is a bad decision
    Posted to General by on Sat, Mar 26 2016
  • Re: highlighting pane no longer title

    [quote user="Tim Murray"]The standard ones still look normal but any that I've added show no title/label. This started with the last update. I have a case open but wanted to see if anybody else has seen this.[/quote] i have the same problem. It's not with all of the highlights that I have set up but just with some of them. Also, the image that I have
    Posted to Logos 6 by on Wed, Mar 16 2016
  • Re: Prioritizing downloads

    [quote user="Lee"]This situation is a good case for Logos to prioritize Bibles ahead of all other resources i[/quote]
    Posted to General by on Sat, Mar 5 2016
  • Re: Prioritizing downloads

    [quote user="Graham Criddle"]You should be able to see your Bibles at [/quote] Thanks. I do know that I can access everything on Biblia or on my mobile devices. I just find highlighting much more time consuming on things other than the computer.
    Posted to General by on Sat, Mar 5 2016
  • Prioritizing downloads

    I just acquired a new computer and I didn't get a chance to download any resources to my computer prior to heading out on a trip. I'm in a hotel with a slow connection and have downloaded about 1,500 of my 9K+ resources but there is not a Bible to be found on my machine as yet. I would love to have at least a couple of Bibles to do some basic reading
    Posted to General by on Sat, Mar 5 2016
  • Re: New to OS X

    [quote user="Jack Caviness"]But the EULA need to be read in light of Bob Pritchett's interpretation 3265.aspx [/quote] I was aware of this. My wife just wants to be able to read a few versions of the Bible and a couple of books on Logos. She doesn't know how to use the search functionality and likely never will. I followed Levi's instructions and, other
    Posted to Logos 6 by on Mon, Feb 29 2016
  • Re: New to OS X

    [quote user="Levi Durfey"]You do have to have a duplicate of the resources on her account, but you can copy those files over from yours to install them.[/quote] Interesting... something that is easily done on a Windows computer is impossible under OS X without a duplicate set of data. Apple isn't quite as great as it has been made out to be... at least
    Posted to Logos 6 by on Sun, Feb 28 2016
  • New to OS X

    I just purchased an iMac and have set up Logos 6. It works great. However, I also want my wife to access Logos 6 from her user account. But when I launched the program un her user account, Logos started to download all of the data again. I really don't want to do that. Is there are way to launch the same copy of the Logos 6 application that I have in
    Posted to Logos 6 by on Sun, Feb 28 2016
  • Re: Highlighting/Finding Key Words

    [quote user="MJ. Smith"]1. Documents ==> Visual Filter[/quote] This highlights the text on a temporary basis but does not have the same effect as highlighting the text with the highlighting tool. Correct?
    Posted to General by on Tue, Jan 19 2016
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