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  • Re: Base Package Indecision

    Thanks all for the advice. Mark especially - it was good to think over what exactly I intend on using Logos for. I applied for the scholarship, so here's hoping on that one! As far as schools, I haven't yet decided where I'm going to go. I just submitted my applications, so it largely depends on where I get in. After talking it over with a Logos rep
    Posted to General by Mitchell on Tue, Jan 3 2012
  • Re: Advice re:MacBook Air

    Former Apple Store employee here, and I highly recommend the refurbished Airs. Word is that the QC process for refurbished Apple products is incredibly stringent, and based on the refurb repair volume I saw (or rather, lack thereof) I believe it. Plus the include the same warranty as brand new ones. Save yourself a hundred bucks or two.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Mitchell on Thu, Dec 29 2011
  • Re: Base Package Indecision

    Thanks for the advice. I'll try to find out more about the academic discounts, but when I spoke to the sales rep I got the impression that they're for currently enrolled students in seminary only. I won't be starting for 6 months and while money is tight now, I expect it will be near-impossible to afford any sort of upgrade at that time. I think I'll
    Posted to General by Mitchell on Wed, Dec 21 2011
  • Base Package Indecision

    Hi all, Apologies in advance for the long post. I'm hoping to glean some of the forum's collective wisdom in a debate I'm having with myself. I'm a soon-to-be Seminary student who's planning to use Logos primarily for school. I also teach small groups at my church (and preach, very rarely). My dilemma (trilemma really) is this: I currently have the
    Posted to General by Mitchell on Wed, Dec 21 2011
  • Re: Base Package Comparison - in Excel!

    Updated spreadsheet with Catholic packages, as promised. Unfortunately Logos uses trivially different titles on each comparison page, so I couldn't do a lookup to get a direct comparison that's accurate. For example, " The English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament: KJV" vs "KJV English–Greek Reverse Interlinear". Because of this, I had to put
    Posted to General by Mitchell on Mon, Dec 19 2011
  • Re: Base Package Comparison - in Excel!

    Thanks for the positive feedback, all! @Keep Smiling, I completely agree, especially on the count of linking the resource to the product page. If I find a few spare minutes I'll add the Catholic packages to the comparison spreadsheet. Now that I've got the site's layout reverse engineered it won't take long. I bet someone with more data mining prowess
    Posted to General by Mitchell on Sun, Dec 18 2011
  • Base Package Comparison - in Excel!

    Hi everybody, First post here. I'm a prospective Seminary student and occasional teacher/worship leader who currently owns the Bible Study Library, and am looking to upgrade, so I've been comparing the Original Languages and Scholar's libraries. The comparison page on Logos is nice, but as a professional nerd I felt the compulsive need to filter, sort
    Posted to General by Mitchell on Sat, Dec 17 2011
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