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  • Cloud search capability with returned references to local books

    I like the Logos thick client and I like having books installed locally for fast retrieval and offline viewing. Yet, I don't like the resources spent while logos is indexing. It slows down my older computers immensely. Instead, why not have searches query indexes in the cloud and return references to books that I have locally. The actual processing
    Posted to Suggestions by Matt W on Wed, Dec 7 2011
  • Re: Sharing my library

    I think what is needed is a technical solution. I understand the licensing policy. I also understand the desire to loan books out to friends and family like we do in print - especially when so much money is invested in a library. Logos should create a solution which would allow temporary license transfers for a set amount of time. The original owner
    Posted to General by Matt W on Wed, Mar 30 2011
  • Re: I am curious to know How much dollars some one could have invested to logos Bible software.

    Even with the Platinum package and a few commentaries, it is only a small fraction of what I pay for seminary. I don't know how I got through my classes before logos. I get so much more out of class when I can look up commentaries and original languages on the spot. I love the efficiency and ease of being able to search 4-5 of the top commentaries for
    Posted to General by Matt W on Sat, Dec 25 2010
  • Re: What's the link to the education discount section of the website?

    You were close.
    Posted to General by Matt W on Sat, Mar 13 2010
  • Re: How do I get a refund?

    It's great that people jump to Logos defense, but I sympathize with the OP here. Too often companies are quick and polite in taking new orders and drag their feet in processing refunds or cancellations. It sends a message that customer relationships are only important when there is a direct and immediate benefit. Or worse that delay tactics are used
    Posted to Logos 4 by Matt W on Mon, Mar 1 2010
  • Re: 40% discount on Z titles for Pradis owners

    Does anyone know if there are any legal issues in converting PRADIS software to PDB ourselves? I wouldn't expect LOGOS to do this for free, but if someone does it themself wouldn't that be fair use? If I own a CD that I want to hear on my IPOD, I can convert it according to fair use laws, as long as I don't distribute the copies. Are ebooks treated
    Posted to General by Matt W on Fri, Feb 19 2010
  • Re: If I had a million dollars (to grow Logos Bible Software)...

    As a seminary student, I would like to see more of my required resources available in LOGOS format. For $1M, you can market a process that tenured professors teaching large classes can submit the required reading list for Logos format. Have a project team get this done quickly. Sell it as a bundle at a discount to students every year/semester for years
    Posted to General by Matt W on Sun, Jan 24 2010
  • Re: Why does Logos 4 have extreme computer requirements?

    [quote user="Rosie Perera"] [quote user="Dominick Sela"] Windows Presentation Foundation...could not be written in C++ or C. [/quote] Begging your pardon, sir, but I do beg to differ. Anything could be written in C++ or C, or Assembler for that matter, given enough code-monkeys and enough time. Programmers used to know how to clean up memory usage after
    Posted to Logos 4 by Matt W on Sat, Jan 2 2010
  • Re: Why does Logos 4 have extreme computer requirements?

    ThinkPad Z60m-1.7GHZ-2GB-XP Pro SP3 L4 startup is incredibly slow. Opening up tabs is also slow, but tolerable. Scrolling through books gives some lag. The debate about managed vs. unmanaged code is interesting, but the question remains - where exactly is the bottleneck? Performance tests will need to be run on a variety of platforms using an analysis
    Posted to Logos 4 by Matt W on Sat, Jan 2 2010
  • Re: Oxford Bible Commentary. What did I stumble on?

    It works! Everything is now automagically showing up after the latest restart of Logos 4. I added this resource in LBX 3 with licenses sync'd as of very early this morning, and verified it was available in LBX 3. I had been running "scan C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources" in Logos 4 periodically throughout the day with no luck. Also, have been
    Posted to General by Matt W on Tue, Dec 22 2009
  • Re: Oxford Bible Commentary. What did I stumble on?

    [quote user="Wesley Crouch"] I must be doing something wrong cause I can't find it in the Library either. Maybe I am just looking the wrong way. [/quote] Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the same issue. The resource file OXBIBCOM.LSF is a LLS2.X file and never gets converted to a Libronix 3 (.lbxlls). Apparently, LLS3 has no trouble reading
    Posted to General by Matt W on Tue, Dec 22 2009
  • Re: Another round of L4 Resource updates?

    The ResourceManager\Downloaded folder contained 60 files (for Platinum). I spot checked a couple and noticed that it a provided book cover for a resource that was missing it, and added hyperlinks for Bible references in another. Considering the frequency of updates, a nice feature would be for Logos4 to write to a local log file. Unless they already
    Posted to Logos 4 by Matt W on Thu, Dec 3 2009
  • Re: What no Black Friday Sale???

    I've noticed this price difference especially with the commentaries. It appears that Logos prefers people to buy commentaries/collections in bulk rather than building up their library slowly. However, most people buy commentaries one or two books at a time. It would be great if Logos offered an exchange for commentaries similar to what they did for
    Posted to Logos 4 by Matt W on Sat, Nov 28 2009
  • Re: Non-Logos - Billy Joe Daugherty

    I attended his church for years, knew his family and met him a few times. Bill Joe has a solid reputation in Tulsa. Even though busy, he wouldn't hesitate to speak to small groups if asked. I remember him pouring his heart out at my small college bible study (<20 people). I would also hear stories of him giving strangers rides home that were caught
    Posted to General by Matt W on Tue, Nov 24 2009
  • Re: Trying to make sense of the license issue.

    This question about licenses keeps coming up and I understand the frustration. If you buy something, you hate to see it heavily discounted or part of a larger package for close to what you spent. Any other item, a savvy consumer would sell off the old and "upgrade". These people are being told that they are double-dipping because their upgrade price
    Posted to General by Matt W on Thu, Nov 19 2009
  • Re: For Sale: Pillar, Baker Exeg., Baker NT, BDAG, AT Robertson - $390

    The upgrade price could be dynamic per user. If someone wants to sell resources before upgrading, then that could cause the upgrade price to increase if those resources were part of the higher collection. So if someone sells BDAG, have their upgrade price automatically increase by $150. If that's too much work, then simply flag recent resellers ineligible
    Posted to General by Matt W on Thu, Nov 5 2009
  • Re: How much have you spend on Logos?

    So far I've spent about 2k. Justifiable considering that I have cut back on entertainment. It's amazing how easy it is to subscribe to entertainment services - CableTV, Tivo, Netflix, Cell phone data plans, etc., that in a period of several years, can easily tally far more than what people spend on building a theological library. Matt.
    Posted to Libronix (including Logos for Mac 1) by Matt W on Thu, Oct 22 2009
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