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  • Re: Logos 6 Passage Guide includes unpurchased resources

    There should be an option to display or not to display. I do not want to waste my time trying to read an item, just to have it tell me I have to buy the resource. I made the choice to not buy it when I bought the package in the first place. The computational price should be minimal, unless the developers don't know to do this efficiently. Email me and
    Posted to Logos 6 by Jeffrey King on Sun, Nov 2 2014
  • Re: Community Pricing titles that need re-anchoring

    I must not understand how the community pricing is supposed to work. I wonder if it is not a good name for it. How long does an item stay in community pricing? I put in a bid for the Hodge Collection last year and it is still in community pricing. If this is test marketing, then lets call it what it is. If it is community pricing then price it base
    Posted to General by Jeffrey King on Fri, Mar 29 2013
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