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  • Re: $159?!?!?!?!?

    I went ahead with the Minimal cross grade option and all I'm going to say without accusation or slander toward anyone is so far I'm not seeing the supposed performance improvements on the Mac. Menu selections, layout views and wiki homepage are still sluggish and take to long to load. Going to give them a chance though that it's just early issues that
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Sat, Nov 17 2012
  • Re: So long Logos4...

    [quote user="Bob Pritchett"] (Remember, there was no iPad when Logos 4 shipped!) [/quote] That also tells us how long we've been waiting for the advertised finished product and promised performance and feature parity.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Jul 3 2012
  • Re: Questionable "Bible Study Magazine" Ad

    $$$$$, the only thing that really matters in business.
    Posted to General by Dennis Miller on Mon, Apr 23 2012
  • Re: L3 versus L4 versus L5

    [quote user="Bob Pritchett"] It doesn't feel like enough time for a complete platform re-write yet... but it's been long enough that Logos ought to ship something cooler than just a few tweaks and bug fixes, right? :-) (On the other hand, with emergence of iOS, Android, web apps, etc. it feels like we're writing "a new platform" every day!...) [/quote
    Posted to General by Dennis Miller on Fri, Jun 22 2012
  • Logos 4 Mac already slow starting now even worse with sync feature

    I know it has the start now button but why add a feature that just makes things worse than they already are? Why not add an option in the preferences that allow the user to sync on start up or not, also stay logged in would be nice too. I get tired of having to always log in when I start the app. Again I know, I could also chose to work offline but
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Jun 19 2012
  • Re: Disappointed

    If my memory is correct concerning databases and datasets, A dataset contains the resultant data of a search performed on a database to aid in speed of retrieval of requested data per a particular dataset. In other words some of the work has already been done for you and put in a more convenient and speedier place for retrieval.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Fri, Nov 9 2012
  • Re: Disappointed

    [quote user="Dan DeVilder"] Hi Dennis--what spurred you on to buy Logos in the first place. Since--if it is true, as Jack stated--that you use Accordance, what was it about Logos that you decided to invest in it? [/quote] Dan, glad you asked. I have been a Logos user for many years and absolutely loved the program and all it could do, it was the best
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Nov 6 2012
  • Re: Should be an interesting staff meeting at Logos tomorrow...

    [quote user="Jack Caviness"] You have never had a positive thing to say about Logos, so we can expect you to continue to attempt to turn Mac users away and toward you preferred application. [/quote] Jack that is not exactly true, prior to about this time in 2009 I was elated with Logos and promoted it to all but at that time my main PC was a Windows
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Nov 6 2012
  • Re: Disappointed

    [quote user="Dan DeVilder"] fwiw, I have heard that Mac performance in 5 is much better. maybe when the free engine comes out, it will improve your own experience. [/quote] I really want to believe that and yes my experiences with the people of Logos and not just the entity behind the product has always been positive. Much of my frustration and comments
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Nov 6 2012
  • Why still problems with crashes?

    Logos 5 should be to the point of becoming a mature program that runs and behaves well but I am still experiencing random crashes on my macbook that just happen when I attempt to do just simple things. It is very random but one in particular that always occurs is anytime I access the timeline and switch to bible view, forget it, boom!! crash-restart
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Fri, May 24 2013
  • Re: Copying multiple verses from a Bible search

    Check out a writers app called Scrivner for the Mac. I have found it to be an awesome tool for research, study and sermon/teaching prep. I found I could send verses linked in logos documents to a verse list and then import that list into scrivner for instant availibility while compiling notes.I can also create tons of research/articles/pdf's etc into
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Thu, Aug 25 2011
  • Re: You've come a long way Logos for Mac!

    Yes, with all the negative feedback and remarks I've posted in my frustration over the last couple of years I must pass along a job well done to the Mac development team for continuing to work hard towards improvements that are definitely obvious in the latest update. Nice to be able to benefit from my investment again.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Mon, Aug 22 2011
  • Re: How Long Before Mac Developers Will be Allowed to Catch Up to Windows version?

    As a long time Logos user as well, and not a very happy one since the L4 fiasco, will these be fixed in L4 or on the list of promises for L5 which has got to be on the drawing board since it's been over 2 years since L4 was announced and released. On the subject of Windows parity, I would rather have an app that runs like a Mac app should, fast and
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Wed, Nov 2 2011
  • Re: 4.2b SR-2 (v4.22.5.1115) shipping soon

    No mention of performance improvements just bug fixes. When will the performance update come?
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Wed, Jul 13 2011
  • When will Vyrso become a real ebook reader like ibooks or kindle

    The idea of a reader app apart from logos was a great idea the only problem is that it is obviously just a cut and paste of the logos apps functionality instead of a truly functional eBook reader app. It has been around for sometime now and been updated a few times and we still have no bookmark function or efficient smooth paging or navigation as found
    Posted to Vyrso: Christian Ebooks by Dennis Miller on Fri, Nov 15 2013
  • Re: ********** 10 released

    I'm with you Charles. I have a significant investment with Logos also that goes back many years, hence my dissatisfaction with the current mess called Logos 4, but they do offer many interesting library resources in community pricing that are hard to pass up and make Logos a great supplemental product for research and reading. There's nothing wrong
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Aug 21 2012
  • Re: Upgrade or wait?

    TCBlack, I checked out some of the features videos and I have to agree some of the new stuff is quite impressive if it works as advertised but when Investigating the upgrade paths I think the upgrade prices are just nuts. They appear to be offering little to nothing significant in the starter package which jumps an L5 user with an already significant
    Posted to Logos 6 by Dennis Miller on Wed, Oct 29 2014
  • Upgrade or wait?

    Is Logos 6 out of Alpha yet or should I wait a couple of years for it to be almost complete and ready for logos 7's Alpha release? Sorry but though Bob has been fair and upright towards unhappy customers like myself, I still have low confidence in their product releases since the days of Logos 4 for Mac. Add to that the continuing development of Logos
    Posted to Logos 6 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Oct 28 2014
  • Re: new iPad app coming?

    I'm not sure what direction Logos is going with the iOS apps but the latest one is just a mess to navigate compared to the earlier and simpler designed versions. It may include more functionality but the layout and navigation is tedious in my opinion.
    Posted to Logos 5 by Dennis Miller on Tue, Jan 22 2013
  • Made the Jump

    I know this is going to thoroughly surprise some of you who have followed my rants and criticism of Logos but thought I'd let you know I decided to upgrade anyway and look forward to the new features.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Dennis Miller on Wed, Oct 26 2016
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