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  • Re: Upcoming on the Verbum blog

    I would benefit from examples on how to use Verbum to delve into theological topics such as the Sacraments, Canon of Scripture, how different devotions developed over time to name a few. I know Verbum has a lot of wonderful resources available. Knowing how to get at them for things like this would be very helpful.
    Posted to Catholic Products by Greg Rose on Wed, Jan 2 2019
  • Re: Using my Library as a Cross Reference Tool?

    This sounds like something I would like to do in my searches. When you say "simply type the name of the section guide you want in the search box" are you saying I should type it in the Basic Search search box? If you could show me an example that would be most helpful. So for example if I wanted to find all bible reference to, say, Mathew 5:3-12 how
    Posted to Logos 8 by Greg Rose on Fri, Dec 28 2018
  • Is there really a "Lectionary Viewer"

    I was looking at one of the sale items, "The Lectionary Commentary: Theological Exegesis for Sunday's Text's" and saw in the Overview a comment that this "works well alongside Logo's Bible Software's Lectionary Viewer to provide greater depth of analysis. the "Lectionary Viewer" is a hyperlink but I clicked it a window opens up and says "We're Sorry
    Posted to Logos 8 by Greg Rose on Sun, Dec 23 2018
  • Re: Where are the L8 BONUS OFFERS?

    It would be nice of some of those "special bonus offers" were made available to us Verbum 8 purchasers. I get the impression L8 purchasers are in a class above V8 purchasers.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Greg Rose on Wed, Dec 5 2018
  • Re: Saved Layouts on Dashboard

    How were you able to "pin" the favorites to the Home Page. I tried dragging it from the tool bar at the top after I right-clicked Favorites in the Tools section and selected "Make a Toolbar Shortcut. But when I dragged it to the Home page it opened up and everything else disappeared.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Greg Rose on Wed, Dec 5 2018
  • Re: Coupon woes

    I had the same problem. The Verbum2018 coupon code did not work for me on Black Friday either.
    Posted to Catholic Products by Greg Rose on Sun, Nov 25 2018
  • Re: Cannot move a Window in Verbum 8 to my second monitor

    Thanks so much Brad. That was my problem...I was trying to drag the tab and not the title bar.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Greg Rose on Sun, Nov 18 2018
  • search results in Notes Tool not highlighted

    I'm using the search feature in the Notes Tool to search my notebooks/notes for the word "grace". I get a number of hits. However when I look at the note the word "grace" is not highlighted. This is just an example. For any of searches that I perform it doesn't look like the results are highlighted. I would have expected them to be highlighted just
    Posted to Logos Notes by Greg Rose on Sun, Nov 18 2018
  • Cannot move a Window in Verbum 8 to my second monitor

    In Verbum 7 I use to be able to drag a window to my second monitor. In Verbum 8 I get the circle with a line through it when I drag the window to my other monitor. I can drag anything else, like Word, Excel, etc. with no problem. I'm running Windows 10 on my PC. I'm used to having multiple Verbum windows open such as Bible in one Window, search window
    Posted to Logos 8 by Greg Rose on Sun, Nov 18 2018
  • Re: unable to sync since updating to

    I have the same issue. Cannot synch since update to 7.18 SR-1. I'm running windows 10. Same issue on both laptop and desktop. "Error occurred during synchronization". I also ran "synch now" from the command box and received the same error message.
    Posted to Logos 7 by Greg Rose on Tue, Oct 16 2018
  • Chrysostom Sermons on Genesis not being picked up in Passage Guide Sermon's section

    The Father's of the Church series book "Homilies on Genesis 1-17" by John Chrysostom are not being picked up in the Passage Guide. I've run a passage guide for Genesis 1 and only 1 sermon of Chrysostom's is found and that is from "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers 1.9. There are several homilies of Chrysostom for Genesis 1. I've also run a passage guide
    Posted to Logos 7 by Greg Rose on Wed, Sep 19 2018
  • Sermon Search criteria not consistent

    I have Verbum 7. I've been attempting to find sermons by particular people and am finding that search method/criteria doesn't work the same for all authors. E.g. {Label Sermon WHERE Creator = <Biography John Henry Newman>} works but {Label Sermon WHERE Creator = "John Henry Newman"} doesn’t work . However {Label Sermon WHERE Creator ~ Thomas
    Posted to Logos 7 by Greg Rose on Thu, Sep 13 2018
  • Re: SUGGESTION: improve underutilized Timeline

    I underutilize the timeline. I was initially very excited about it. However it seems to me that there are not as many books tied to the timeline as I would have hoped. In the Reformation Era there is mainly the "Complete Book of Where and When in the Bible", "History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium" and "131 Christians
    Posted to Suggestions by Greg Rose on Fri, Aug 3 2018
  • Re: BUG? Tagging on Toal, M. F., ed. The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers. Translated by M. F. Toal. Vol. 1–4. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000.

    I'd like to thank MJ for pointing out these two situations, the sermon label and the "defined" collections in Verbum. I just purchased this product too and assumed that the tagging and collection inclusion would have been part of the finished product. These seem like pretty important things and should be included as part of this product to really make
    Posted to Catholic Products by Greg Rose on Sat, Jun 23 2018
  • Where can I confirm which Verbum Library I own?

    I have the Verbum Platinum library but I can't seem to find in Logos/Verbum where this is indicated. I thought I used to be able to open the "About Verbum" under the Help menu and see this. It doesn't seem to appear there anymore. I can look in my account under "Orders" and see that I've purchased it. However I was thinking that I could see this within
    Posted to General by Greg Rose on Fri, May 25 2018
  • Re: Verbum Sermon Finder Collection, please?

    Hi MJ, when you say that many Catholic sermons are keyed to "liturgical date", does that mean that there is a way to search my Verbum Library by liturgical date and some other criteria also in order to find sermons tied to those dates? Would you be able to create and example of such a search? That would be very helpful. Thanks.
    Posted to Catholic Products by Greg Rose on Sat, Apr 28 2018
  • Re: SUGGESTION: Catholic Journals Collection

    Homiletic and Pastoral Review would be an excellent choice. It's a monthly periodical that mainly contains "sermons" on the Sundays of the month.
    Posted to Catholic Products by Greg Rose on Sat, Apr 28 2018
  • Same books in multiple Book Series of Church Fathers? Don't want to purchase duplicate books

    I have the Early Church Fathers series. There are other book series available for Logos such as the "Fathers of the Church Series", "Ancient Christian Writers Series", "Fathers of the Church: Medieval Continuation Series", and the Logos 7 Church Fathers Library Expansion Series". I'm interested in the other series but I don't want to buy duplicate books
    Posted to General by Greg Rose on Sat, Mar 31 2018
  • Passage Guide search result not highlighted in Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

    I ran a Passage Guide on Matthew 7.1. I know this is referenced in Cornelius a Lapide's Great Commentary. The reference to Mt 7.1 is in chapter 19. The Passage Guide correctly includes this commentary in the Passage Guide Commentary section. However when I select that book from the Passage Guide and it opens up in it's own window the book opens at the
    Posted to General by Greg Rose on Tue, Mar 27 2018
  • Re: Good resources on the Eastern Orthodox view

    Thank you very much for that insight. I'm a Catholic who has not had much exposure to the Orthodox Church. Your recommendations will be most helpful in providing me with a good starting point!
    Posted to General by Greg Rose on Mon, Aug 21 2017
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