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  • Re: Exegetical Guide: Word by Word

    Hi, I have the same problem mentioned here. See attached screenshot. Only after clicking on each word will the contrast increase to greater legibility. But this would mean multiple clicks on the whole sentence just to increase the contrast. Maybe we can have an option within Logos to increase the contrast of this great feature? Thanks! : )
    Posted to Logos 5 by Lim Luck Yong on Fri, Nov 8 2013
  • Chinese bibles with interlinear Hanyu Pinyin

    Love logos. Just bought a few Chinese bibles for my account. Was wondering if it's possible for Logos to produce Chinese bibles with the option of having an interlinear system where we can see the romanised pronunciation of the Chinese characters (system is called Hanyu Pinyin). The Chinese characters can appear as "Surface", while the Pinyin will appear
    Posted to Suggestions by Lim Luck Yong on Wed, Jun 12 2013
  • Convert epub books into Logos 4 format

    Hi! Kudos to the Mac development team for Logos. Am running my Logos 4 Mac beta on a daily basis and find it extremely stable and fast. One thing that I noticed is that there are alot of epub books that are copy-right free, and recently Apple released an update to Pages 09 to create epub books easily. With this trend, it would seem like epub will be
    Posted to Suggestions by Lim Luck Yong on Thu, Sep 2 2010
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